Excuse me while I look at my food

Man, I’m going to the kitchen for the fourth time to look in my cupboards. I went to the food bank today and they gave me four bags of groceries and almost all of it was really good food, lots of variety.
It should last me three weeks. Awesome.


I go to food pantries pretty often. But it’s getting harder to get there. The salvation army use to be just two blocks now they are a couple of miles away. Anyway my favorite food I got recently was 5 bags of cereal. Toasted oats and corn flakes

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Food banks are great for when your in trouble. Theres a Trussel Trust Food bank round the corner. Helped me out on a number of occasions - when i had been ripped off by undesirables, and in all honesty drunk my money away. I buy in bulk now and always make sure my 2 chest freezers are full before i do anything else.

I donate the odd tin or two now, when i actually go shopping and not online.
Ive still got about 12 bags of pasta in the cupboard that i got off them over a number of occasions. I should give it away really.


I like fresh vegetables, I can be creative with them and cook good food. I hope you got some fresh fruit & veg, not just processed, packaged stuff.

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Or buy a few jars or cans of pasta or spaghetti sauce and eat them. Pasta is really easy to prepare and you can make a whole pot of it and eat off it for a week at your leisure. With just two ingredients you will have a home cooked meal. Oh yeah, buy the store brand of grated parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top!

If you want to get creative, add some mushrooms or ground beef.


Thanks, i might just do that. When ive cooked it its always been bland. Ill keep it then as a food backup!

You could make a (couple of) poor mans lasagna(s) if you’re feeling fancy :+1:

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