I Was Just Thinking About How

Yeah that’s a tough one. I lost a friend because of that same thing a few years back. I still see him stumbling around town drunk sometimes. I feel a little bad for him.


Yes @anon83141956 I get that. There was a time when I couldn’t face people. I felt ashamed of who I had become. I don’t think I understood how much the brain injury affected me at the time. I’m not saying that is the same for you, but I do understand your point

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@Montezuma and @crimby I also went to Al-Anon, for people dealing with alcoholic loved ones. They called us double winners (wieners?) because we went to both AA and Al-Anon meetings to work both sides of the fence.

I lost a few friends, they had to go, but there are several friends who I have been able to stay close to despite the fact they still drink

My best friend Darren has just quit drinking after Downing a 24 a day for years. He won’t go to AA though, I’m pretty sure


Good on you for attacking the alcohol problem from both angles.

I don’t go to AA religiously but I have a big book and I practice the basic tenets.

I have drank responsibly in the past, but I knew deep down I was playing with fire.

My Grandfather, Bless his soul, was a Scottsman and could never get sober.


I was a binge drinker. I would down 30+ beers a day for seven or eight days and then have quite a hangover. One time I somehow figured out through my brilliance when I was coming off a hard drunk that the U.S. and Russia had both pushed the nuclear button, and our missiles were headed towards them and their missiles were headed towards us. I was wondering if it would do any good for me to crawl under the bed.


This thread seems a bit depressing so just to lighten the mood, it is hopefully not the end of the world to carry this self consciousness trait around and who knows maybe with time it could reduce.

We all seem to have challenges, not just me so it is not like I am alone with that.

Have a good day folks


I think it is normal for everyone to form opinions whatever they may be, including me myself I also form opinions whatever they may be too. It is not like I am an exception to that.

It is only natural to do that.

So I just have to accept that and respond however is most suitable for me to whatever, perceived, imagined, feared, …or whatever

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An opinion can be of different types. There are factual ones, instinctual ones, open-minded ones, narrow-minded ones etc.

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I tried to see if I could help say something that would make you feel better about this, but I suck at social stuff.

My way of processing social information is based on other peoples actions, and how that matches with their words, or maybe even promises.

When these things don’t align with each other, I get pretty upset about it.

Getting involved in the inner working of peoples judgements of me as an individual, I don’t understand well enough to go to that level of detail with people.

I suppose I could add that this level of indifference may actually be a good way to not let it bother you as much?

Sometimes I do get upset too about emails especially, but I get the wrong end of the stick a lot of the time


Yea I agree with you FadeToBlack… that is why it is such a great trait when a person does not care too much about what others think about them.

I try not to care too much what others think but oftentimes I have failed on that.

But like you said it is not like we can be a mind reader anyway so I just need to try and let go of that extreme of caring too much what others think of me.

The only person I may ever truly understand is myself. No one else. I am not a psychic.

Take care FadeToBlack, nice to hear from you


I just have to be me and if someone or people do not like that then I am willing to listen to constructive advice.

But I just got to be me regardless of it changes someone’s opinion on me.

because I do not exist for the sake of if other people or person wants me to be something I cannot naturally be.

I am just me, a normal human being.

Not something else.

I don’t know how to be something that I am not without it causing me severe distress so I will just be me then.

woohoo :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

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Thankyou for sharing :slight_smile: :green_heart:

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You bet! I’m breaking free of it but it’ll always probably be there…

I took in ‘Fear of Rain’ last night and may write my thoughts and reaction on a thread!


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