Why you shouldnt worry about this

About how people see us. Since each person sees only the part theyre capable of seeing and they search in us what they need at that moment, its imposible to have knowledge of others true personality.

Thats why its not your fault if someone dislikes you, so dont take it personally, its just how different wants and needs didnt align between two different people.


Birds of a feather flock together right. That being said i think everyone should see everyone else as their friend. We are all related at the end of the day. But peopl3 will always have a bias towards themselves and thus like people like themselves. But again we learn from everyone qnd need people opposite to us in our lives etc as well… basically i think we all need eachother and should all be friends.


I dont take anything personally except offenses. I don’t act on it thou as it is a trap. If you react you fall. It kinda hurts at the time. The way I deal with it is: whoever offended me can never ever again play a part in my life. i close the door for good. note that i dont do drammatic as that is not good either. i ice the offender until ever and beyond. eventually after a while being iced they leave me alone. if you fail with me you is cut off.

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That is a tough choise you chosen to make regarding this type of action

well i always thought it didnt matter what others thought. i am very accepting of people. like to say i have a philosophy of tolerance.

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I have to be somewhat concerned as someone who has a day job and deals with the public. Presenting and working well has improved my standard of living.

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My social psychology course said that people have (amongst others) 2 sometimes conflicting basic needs.

The need to remain a positive self-image and the need to see the world realistically. Sometimes we bend our perspective to keep a positive self image.

If you’re interested in this type of stuff maybe a course in social psychology is also something for you.

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