Do you think that other people say bad things about you when you are not around?

Or are they too busy with their own life?

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I lean towards thinking this way, but I try to remind myself that people are too busy thinking about their own problems to be thinking about me.

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Same here. I feel like people are talking about me but i try and tell myself that they’re not, that they have their own stuff going on and i’m probably not that interesting to them. Doesn’t always work though.

I think this way a lot. One that gets me is when people are laughing and then stop when I come around. Kind of triggers paranoia for me.

Sometimes. And sometimes it’s true.

I like to hear about the bad things people say about me. At least then I am in the loop so to speak. Plus it makes me laugh sometimes.

Like people say I’m in my own world a lot when we used to hang out and they don’t like it, but they never said anything to me about it. It’s true I am in my own world a lot but I come out on request lol.

I got a huge fanclub. They talking good and bad. But why should i bother, as long i am exciting to be talked about. My life isn’t boring. Sz, one out of hundred. I don’t know 100 people by name. You should built your selfconfidence by giving yourself a pat on the shoulder.
You are special with this rare disease. Society needs people like us thinking outside the box.:sunglasses:

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