I was diagnosed Hebephrenic (disorganised) Schizophrenia I'm curious if there's anyone else out there

I was looking through the posts to see if many people had already posted about this and couldn’t find many actually diagnosed with hebephrenic. I don’t necessarily relate to a lot of schizophrenics about their experiences as my personal experiences with hebephrenic means I don’t have fixed delusions or many typical traits I don’t even have external voices but I have heard from others that voices isn’t necessarily a given with schizophrenia.

At the same time someone once told me that the sub categories of schizophrenia aren’t commonly used or believed in anymore yet I’m fairly sure hebephrenic is still written on my diagnosis’s at my clinic though. It seems that hebephrenic is considered quite serious among people and a level of none functioning exists I was very sick when I was diagnosed but reacted fairly well to medication and as long as I take it I am some what recovered.

I’ve also got ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) on my diagnosis’s I sometimes wonder if that’s related to my certain schizophrenic diagnosis.

Hebephrenia can be one of the gravest forms of schizophrenia, especially if it strikes early. At what age were you diagnosed? I have a different type, called deficit schizophrenia, which doesn’t respond well to medications. But I personally know one person suffering from disorganized schizophrenia, that’s how I know it can get pretty severe.
Don’t you have delusious of grandeur? As in, you think highly of yourself sometimes? And your language can become very incoherent at times right? How about apathy or anhedonia? Do you have those also?

I was diagnosed around my early 20’s so I’m assuming somewhere between 20-21 I have a very unclear memory of that period of my life. I basically have a none linear time line towards a lot of things that happened between around 18 and 21 I was on medication for a personality disorder and depression I had been in the system since I was 16 and I stopped taking it before I had the full psychotic breakdown.

I would say delusions of grandeur were quite strong when I was fully psychotic and when I feel more towards a manic phase of psychosis they’re similar. The closest example I can give is a delusion I had related to a dream in hospital where I had to arrange the covers of the bed certain way sit on it in the middle with my legs folded in a lotus position that the world was ending around me and I was the enigma and the last human the symbol of a dying race. I’m not sure it gets much more delusion of grandeur then that.

My language and speech patterns can be odd to begin with I can be very repetitive get confused with words misuse words and construct sentences oddly. I don’t know if that’s more related to cognitive function. Apathy and anhedonia is quite ripe in my life especially lately I’m leaning to more depressive phases these days but I mostly blame that on a more situational reaction.

I do often wonder if the types of schizophrenia can move around and merge as it seems the delusional states or psychotic episodes are rarely that similar.

Diagnosed with Disorganized Type SZ and Autism Spectrum Disorder. My hallucinations/delusions are fixed, but I’m told the diagnosis was due to my inability (when diagnosed) to care for myself and my tendancy to go catatonic when my symptoms overwhelmed me. My official DX has never been changed, but I’m told I’m closer to straight Paranoid SZ these days.


That’s interesting, I have periods where I throw fits and disassociate to the extent I stop moving, but they rarely last that long I once tried to convince myself I was catatonic because it was happening a lot. Some people refer to the stress reactions as meltdowns in autism. I wondered if I was more paranoid schizophrenic after the last time I tried to stop taking my medication (without advice from doctors it’s a bad habit I’m trying not to do it anymore) because I had a fixed delusion then. Mostly I can’t even make sense out of my delusions my favorite story to tell people is I once believed there was an arse growing out of the top of my head to explain the utter senselessness of hebephrenic schizophrenia :expressionless:

I am sure there are people here who think I have an arse where my head should be!

In the past, I would shut down for a couple of days at a time. I would come back with a feeding tube stuffed up my schnozz. These days I’m very high-functioning, but my memory is weird. I can remember things like details for a first aid course and pass the exam with the highest mark in the class, but not be able to keep track of things like housework or personal hygiene without all kinds of reminders.

I’ve never used the term hebephrenic because that sounds like some weird sexual condition.


Lol, I like the word hepbephrenic cause it rhymes with schizophrenic so it’s great fun to me to try tell people I’m hebephrenic schizophrenic it’s also a nice bumpety bump word. Your perception of it amused me mind.

I remember things that interests me usually facts about nature and animals, but I struggle intensely with looking after myself and my flat I blame a lot of that on my lack of structure or routine I have. Also because of ASD I can’t change my routine easily either so my routine to not have one is sticking around. I’ve been taking my medication in the morning for almost two years now and I can’t remember to take it in the morning, my cpn tried to explain to me that a normal person might take a couple of weeks to adjust to these things a mentally ill person might take about 6 weeks, it’s been years :expressionless:

Don’t know if I have that sub-type of Sz anymore, but I can’t explain my Sz at the moment due to prolonged a stressful situation that is shutting me down.

I was diagnosed schizophrenia with catatonia, so catatonic type, but at the hospital they said that I was grossly disorganized and gravely disabled. It also struck me young (13).