Anyone else have silly autistic hebephrenia?


I read you typically once a week but never presented myself, mostly bcz I didn’t know my diagnosis before yesterday: silly autistic hebephrenia (it’s a subtype of disorganized spectrum unequivocal).
Anyone else have this and what do you feel concerned about?

Also I don’t understand what a systemic schizoprenia is.

No I don’t change of subject that much, do I :smile:?

So what is that? Autism and schizophrenia?

I feel autist because I’m both schizoïd and only concern about few esotherical OR scientific stuff and I want to know what stuff excites all of us.

I have undifferentiated schizophrenia so I have traits of disorganized schizophrenia. I talk in a silly way sometimes, making word salad with neologisms and I make silly gestures. You?

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. I do nothing except thinking about eventual things that may happen if I’m the first millenial schizophren and so I’m healed, so ■■■■■■ up that it seems that I’ll probably doing it tomorrow

Schizophrenia is a systemic disease because it affects most of the body, and not just the brain.

Are you sure that was the official diagnosis? “Silly autistic hebephrenia” is not a term that I am familiar with.

However, I do have autism.


It’s the french appelation yes, you have 4 types : silly, bizarre, superficial or autistic, and you can have the best of menu which is a combination of 2.

@innercicle did you try art, or building stuff?

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I have disorganized traits and I have undifferentiated schizophrenia

is it like another personality when you have a hebephrenic episode?

Not exactly. I can’t describe it

Are you afraid you have hebephrenia?

no I’m pretty sure I’m just schizophrenic

With disorganized traits? Why you ask? You have personal experience with hebephrenia?

i thought i did but now i don’t think so.

What symptoms do you have? Word salad, formal thought disorder, disorganized behaviour?

i have no idea what any of that is and I’m not looking it up.

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i think we all have every kind of schizophrenia… depending on which incarnation we are in.

I don’t think I have silly hebephrenia but I do have schizophrenia and I can be quite silly sometimes when I’m in the line at the grocery store making faces at the queen on the cover of National Enquirer

trust me if you had it, you would known it, everything seems so far… i do like this state of mind, for me it’s full counsciousness