I'm sure I have disorganized schizophrenia/hebephrenia

I used to be normal all my life, so creative, funny, and a bit introvert, but I remember to have good friendships and I’ve never had any problem with the studies or motivation.
Nowadays I don’t have good friendships/conversations at all, 0 creativity, and feel myself unable to do a normal job or even study. I feel so “delayed” ?

My PDOC says that Disorganized schizophrenia/hebephrenia no longer exists like a diagnosis, and in the last consultation he told me that to make a schizophrenia diagnosis I should have the main symptoms ( I think he referred to the positive ones like allucinations, delusions,etc).
In that moment, I just accepted what he was telling to me because I feel bad if I contradict him in diagnostic things because he is the expert, but now thinking… I have positive symptoms for sure

I think I have disorganized speech according to the description, but it’s so hard to notice it in the consultation where I’m not expontaneous or we don’t have a random conversation.
I feel myself incoherent a lot of times my day a day, and unable to make a decision properly without regret.

Negative symptoms for sure.

Also I have been experiencing disorganized behaviour like doing things without purpose, being so disorganized, inadequate expresion, etc etc

Also, in the past I was sure that I have some disease even with the tests that says NO in the hand. (delusion)

In addition I feel a big cognitive impairment, and he sais that he don’t recommends doing to me the IQ test because he is SURE that I 'm in the average, but if he was so sure he would let me doit for me to see :thinking::triumph::triumph: because I’ve said him a lot of times

I don’t know why but I always leave the consultation the same way…
Without anything clear…

A depressed person don’t have a normal mood, and don’t have my cognitive impairment and neither is unable to perform a conversation.

Why my PDOC is that way and what can I do ?
The unic symptom that I haven’t had of schizophrenia it’s allucinations and it isn’t essential to make a diagnosis.

@Indecisive, you should look for other pdoc if you’re not satisfied with the answer of the last one.

I’m not quite sure of that, but I think that you need to have more than one collapse to be diagnosed with schizophrenia. Have you ever collapsed?

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I don’t know what you want to say with ‘colapse’ sorry!

Sorry, I meant “psychotic break” (brote psicótico).

No, I don’t have any I think. Well I think maybe yes, but for that time I was not seeing any psychiatrist, and if I told him isn’t the same. But I was reading that to make a diagnostic a person should have at least two of:
-disorganized speech
-disorganized behaviour
-negative symptoms

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I read an article and it seems that, to make the schizophrenia diagnosis, you don’t need to have a psychotic break.

Did he prescribed medicines for you?

This is why education does not mean search the merk manual to Dx yourself.

What is it you think you need?

Yes, just antidepressants

A correct diagnosis
To get a disability and to be correctly medicated.

Disorganized speech you can typically recognize right away because the person talking to you makes absolutely no sense a lot of the time. Like one guy I was in PHP with who had schizophrenia, he would interject in the middle of group with the most random things. Like we’d be talking about coping mechanisms and he’d say out of the blue “Today at Target terrorists broke in, because the CIA is monitoring all of us and also there are discount coupons and I got a toaster for 50% off” If it’s really severe it can be even worse than that to where it seems like a person is just stringing random words together. In short if you had disorganized speech someone would have told you…

Do you struggle with anxiety? Being worried about sickness isn’t necessarily a delusion it’s actually more associated with anxiety and so are several of the other things you mentioned. Do you find you have low energy?

Some people with depression don’t realize they are depressed and don’t feel stereotypically sad…they may instead be irritable or just generally feel unmotivated and uninspired in life.

There’s also a rarer form of sz known as simple sz which I didn’t even know about until coming on here where a person has only negative symptoms so who knows maybe that too. Mental illness is complicated and since symptoms don’t always fall neatly into one category making diagnoses can be hard.

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If Sz was not a payday would it lose it’s flavor?

Yes, thanks for the feedback.
I told my PDOC about simple schizophrenia and he told me that no longer exists the diagnosis of simple schizophrenia…
I think maybe due to the poor prognosis, closure of mental hospitals for treat severe mental illness and lack of efficient medication among other things they’ve taken away the diagnosis :expressionless:

I don’t know what you want to say with that…
I’m just in a bad situation triying to get it better

Yeah they got rid of pretty much all the subtypes of it, they are doing that all the time with the DSM. It can be for all kinds of reasons but generally it’s silly. The current DSM is highly criticized for having extremely expansive/vague and overlapping symptom descriptions. I think under it like the majority of the population could be currently diagnosed with some sort of mental illness right now.

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Mental health is chaos :confounded:

It is strange. Lots of different illnesses you know?

Mine was Mania, delusional disorder, major depression, biPolar, schizoaffective.

I have cognitive impairment without medication. It does not match other members here. But I have some symptoms which match. My psychosis has the same ‘ideas’ but the way of happening is different, it is strange.

So just focus on getting better if you can? Why do you care for a diagnosis? Hope you feel better

With sz your life will always always be inferior to how it was before. If you indeed had a “before”…

you sound stable to me…I don’t know about your disorganized speech but it doesn’t sound like you have schizophrenia…just my opinion on what you’ve said so far.

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Yes I know! Everybody is different!
But I think I deserve a good diagnosis and a good treatment, even being well informed about my illnes, rights and helps.
But for the other hand you are right and I must be focussed in recovery, but when it seems imposible you just think in make better the situation, and if it’s to get a disability, would be good to had a right diagnosis. It makes me angry!!

Furthermore if new meds come and I’m in depresdion diagnosis I will not try them :expressionless:

Thanks lovely :revolving_hearts:

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are you taking medication right now?

I thought you were in Spain? hope you have a disability program there?