I want to change my medication because of weight gain

Hello guys I m on meds since 2021 and from 85 kilos i m now 102…I m taking 100 mg quetiapine 2mg risperidone and 100 mg topiramate.
I eat 1500-1600 calories and i exerecise and i cant loose any kilo. I suggested to my doctor asenapine instead of risperidone and he said is not a good drug then i suggested haldol and he said ok but he also prescribed ne the risperidone in case something goes wrong with the haldol. When i came home i read about the TD and i m scared to start the haldol.I m thinking to continue the risperidone and on our next meeting to suggest him something else to prescribe me. But what? I was thinking caplyta but i saw Has 6.7 % on the tests for TD… What do you guys think? What you reccommend?

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I’m on caplyta and I don’t get akathasia from it. I am on lybalvi and that makes me shake uncontrollably. I’m gonna tell my doctor I want to quit Lybalvi. Hope you figure things out with your doctor.

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According to bing:

Here’s a list of antipsychotics that are generally considered to be weight neutral:

  • Aripiprazole: Known for its lower risk of weight gain.
  • Amisulpiride: Also regarded as weight neutral, although individual responses can vary.
  • Brexpiprazole: Has a quasi-parabolic dose-response curve, meaning weight gain may stabilize even at higher doses.
  • Cariprazine: Similar to brexpiprazole in its weight gain profile.
  • Haloperidol: An older antipsychotic with a lower risk of weight gain.
  • Lurasidone: Typically associated with low weight gain and minor metabolic disturbances.
  • Quetiapine ER: While it has a quasi-parabolic dose-response curve, it may not be as weight neutral as the others listed here².

It’s important to note that while these medications are considered weight neutral, individual experiences may vary, and some people may still gain weight. Always consult with a healthcare provider for personalized medical advice…

Source: Conversation with Bing, 03/04/2024
(1) 11 Antipsychotics and Their Impact on Weight Gain By Dose. 11 Antipsychotics and Their Impact on Weight Gain By Dose | Psychiatrist.com.
(2) Guidelines for use of Metformin to manage Antipsychotic Induced Weight … https://www.oxfordhealthformulary.nhs.uk/docs/Guidelines%20for%20the%20use%20of%20metformin%20in%20antipsychotic%20induced%20weight%20gain%20Oct%202013.pdf?UID=2099763632017516114958.
(3) New Antipsychotic That Causes Less Weight Gain Gets FDA Approval. New Antipsychotic That Causes Less Weight Gain Gets FDA Approval.
(4) en.wikipedia.org. Antipsychotic - Wikipedia.

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Maybe i will suggest him lurasidone, i see has just 0.2% for TD but i will have to take it after lunch hope thats not a problem because at night i dont eat more than 250 calories or even less.


i suggest you take lurasidone as it cause lower weight gain compared to other atypical antipsychotics. also ask your doctor to prescribe you Metformin and green coffee extract as both will help you lose weight and prevent you from developing diabetes. finally ask him also to give you Benzatropine to prevent extrapyramidal symptoms

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I m taking berberin because i had high cholesterol doesnt do the same job as metformin for diabetes?
I will ask him about benzatropine.

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You mean green tea i suppose. I read it increases dopamine i m not sure thats a good think since the meds are suppose to block it

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no as i said “green coffee extract” not green tea. me personally take green coffee beverage as the pills isn’t always available and i lost about 27 kilogram since i started drinking it.also i have noticed it has antipsychotic effect on me (reducing delusions)

I would also suggest Lurasidone as I’ve been dieting the past year on it and lost just about what you gained, maybe a bit more, and I also gained most of that weight on Risperidone.

P.S. what’s TD, can somebody help me out here?

TD is tardive dyskinesia.

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Thank you never heard of it i will look in to it about the green coffee

I have been eating 1500 calories a day for awhile, but slowly my weight is still creeping up.

I am now having around 1200 calories a day and the weight isn’t shifting.

I am male, 168cm tall and now 72.20kg and weigh myself everyday.

My best weight was around 70kg but it has now increased even though I am very careful in what I eat.

It is simply the meds that have lowered my metabolism to such an appalling level.

What height and weight are you? perhaps if you are short like me then 1600 calories is too much?

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I m 1.79 and now 102 kg, before meds i was 85-88 kg

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If they won’t let you switch meds then decreasing the calories is the only way.

Today, I had a huel shake for breakfast 9am which lasted me until 3pm when i had a main dinner of 2x air fried chicken thighs, 60g (uncooked rice) with a can of plum tomatoes, half a can of sweetcorn and an onion fried in a little oil. Then for evening I had a can of tinned peaches.

The main meal is about 450-500 calories and fills me up. In this way I am satisfied. I used to live on huel but never felt full.

It is easy to drink your calories, so stick with lemon or lime water rather than soda. It is tasty stuff and calorie free.

I use an electronic kitchen scale for preciseness.

It is easy to miscalculate how many calories you actually do consume, so be careful.

Ziprasidone/Lurasidone/Amisulpride/Saphris/Vraylar are considered weight neutral.

I would try them first, even a combination of them to see if they work.

I gained about 15 - 20 lbs. when they put me on the Haldol shot. That drug also killed my creativity. Some people do well on lower doses of Haldol. When I was on a low dose it was like I was just existing, with no real zest for life. Geodon and Seroquel have been real Godsends for me. They handle my symptoms without making me miserable. Some people don’t like Seroquel, but I think that the twelve years I have been on this site I only met one person who didn’t like Geodon.

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i took haldol for years. even up to 60mg a day. no TD here. i kinda think the whole “old meds cause TD” thing is overblown. i read a study before that the new ones cause it just as much. but that was years ago. anyway. idk if im just resistant to TD or what but i been on meds 17 years total and have no TD, a family member of mine tho took like 1mg haldol a day and developed TD (but she didnt have schizophrenia so i think that may be why). what dose they give u?

I’m on 40mg of haldol, 42mg of caplyta and 20mg of ziprasidone or Geodon. I’ve lost a hundred pounds from gaining two hundred due to abilify and risperidone. And I did it with the combination of haldol and caplyta, and only recently added the Geodon. My doctor has spoken to his caplyta rep at the psychiatrist office, and they give me samples of it to which I feel exceptionally fortunate to receive. For me, the haldol treats the positive symptoms, while the caplyta treats the negative symptoms.

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The easiest thing to try, you have probably considered, is to lose the risperidone and increase seroquel if needed.