I want to change my medication because of weight gain

It is simply the meds that have lowered my metabolism to such an appalling level.


My main issue is weight gain with second gen antipsychotics, and I’ve been struggling with losing weight right now after losing close to a hundred pounds while on a combo of lower risk weight gain.

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He gave me 5mg haldol every day

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I think i will suggest him lurasidone ,geodon also looks good but i read you have to take it 2 times a day with 500 calories. In the night i hardly take 250 calories so i cant take it.

My pdoc is also recommending Lurasidone for me as the weight gain is much less than Clozaril

Well one of the reasons anyway :smile:

To be quite hornest to you I must say that all those statistics are quite irellevant cause the neuroleptics You mention have just entered the market the last decade so we don’t know with any surdenty if they are less dangerous in regards of to TD.
So I’m going to ask my GP for a rise of my depot from 500 mg Clopixol every 3 weeks to the same amount every 2 weeks and then getting lowered from 800 mg seroquel by mouth to 300!mg.
The reason for this is that I sleep porly on my current regime. Besides of that was qutiapine a major contributer to my metabolic syndrome.
I’v been on the Haldol-like LAI Clopixol for 27 years and I have’nt experienced any TD yet.

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Oh thats”s good that you recive the Calypta for free. You remind me of myself when I was younger. Yes you are a very brave young man.

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Thank you very much for your kind compliment.

I’m allergic to haldol. I had a psychiatrist say she knew someone who had been in haldol his entire life and late in life the TD went away. I found this pretty incredible but that’s what she said. It is the medicine they inject when you are trouble in the hospital. It is probably the most powerful of all drugs.

i think it just depends on the dose. for me haldol feels similar to abilify at like 6-10mg. and even at 60mg a day i was less tired on haldol than on like seroquel. but i was extremely restless…