I want a single living environment. Im so tired of people

Im so tired of my god damn roommate. Hes awful. He only pays his half of the electric bill when i hound him over it for a month. Then the next one is in by that time. I made cornbread Thanksgiving and tried to be nice and have him try some and when he came back from his trip i had 3/4 of an 8 by 8 pan left and now i have less then a quarter of the pan. He always plays music loudly even when ive asked him nicely to turn it down. Hes just loud in his actions. I just want to find a place where im alone with my bunnies. No people or anything. Its even making me have thoughts that im gonna come home and something bad will happen to Ed and Al from his ignorance and not caring. And just in general ive avoided any contact with any “friends” i have even though i dont have friends cause friends are bull ■■■■ and i havent been happier in a while not talking to anyone. Having the little bits of solitude r the only times i feel at peace. People just ruin any sense of peace i have with myself from their actions and talking. I hate talking now. It just seems so pointless. Id rather listen to the stuff in my head then other people. And my manager treats me like ■■■■ too. Thats a whole nother story of how and y he does but i guess u guys dont want to read all of that so ill stop there. Im just venting. Sorry

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I’m too troublesome to live with other people. Not that I cause drama or anything, personality wise I get along with everyone. It’s because my symptoms in the past have made daily upkeep and cleaning very difficult. My messes tend to stress people out. And my memory can get really wonky too to where I’d do things like get food for myself stick it in the fridge then completely forget it was mine so it would end up rotting, or finish up something but get distracted and forget the trash was mine. I don’t mind living with other people but have learned that it’s easier not to because others get frustrated at my functioning levels.

My old roommates even got mad at me because I wasn’t eco friendly enough for them. I had to use plastic disposable everything because I had no motivation to clean and knew it would just pile up in dirty dishes or else I’d just not eat otherwise. Also I’ve always had anxiety over whether washed dishes are really clean or not, worried over contamination, chemicals, etc.

I enjoy being on my own. I had this former roommate who found it funny to scream noises at the top of his lungs even though I told him I’m sensitive to noise. People are people but a few are the South end of a horse walking North.

You could pretend he doesnt exist. Like only say hello but dont talk to him. I have a roommate that i only sey hello to but thats all.

I live with my father. I am waiting for public housing.