I’ve stopped vitamin B supplements. Too dangerous!

I’ve stopped because I think their too dangerous. I stopped a week ago due to liver and nerve damage. I’m better now.

I get my b vitamins through food.

I actually thought they were bad, but I had to try them or otherwise it would eat away at me, I had to try them.

Yea their terrible.

Their all 100x the recommended daily allowance,

Best getting vitamins from food.


That’s true. Supplements are a waste of money.

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Some actually work bcz they contain prescription meds.


Just be careful of vitamin supplements. I don’t think their that good for health.

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I just take Ldopa and Licorice for now.

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This sounds serious. How did you know it was Vitamin B that caused liver and nerve damage.? Do you take a bunch of supplements or just Vitamin B?

I’ve taken a wicked lot of supplements for decades. I do well.

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I only took b vitamins.

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Some people I guess don’t need high dose vitamins. I’m one of them.

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I’m taking extra b3 and b6 at the moment. It is proposed that this can help keep psychosis at bay. I’m in the middle of a med switch and want to try this in conjunction. I do know that b3 helps me calm down racy thoughts, so although it might not do anything against psychosis on its own it might be good to take it with the new meds to get a synergistic effect.

But ofcourse if I did get liver symptoms I would reconsider.

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