I took a 25 minute walk

both yesterday and today and I feel wonderful. I’m trying to build up my stamina, balance, and especially the strength in my legs. And I’m not giving up my yoga.


That’s great! Nice job!

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It’s easy to do if you’ve no major injuries but it’s so beneficial for you. Well done and a half hour of brisk walking is great for you.

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That’s awesome. Where do you go for walks, what type of areas?

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Good going @SkinnyMe!
I took a small stroll down my street today.
My therapist wants me to take walks out of my house more often.

So I’ve been pushing myself a bit.


Just around my apartment complex which turns out to be mostly the parking lot that encircles the complex. I also walk a little bit around the apartment courtyard toward the end of my walk. That’s pleasant.

I said hello to several people and one gorgeous black cat on my walk today so that was good for me.

It is now late evening and I just finished my yoga routine. Now, I’m going to practice piano :musical_keyboard:.


That’s awesome @Wave ! Good for you!!!

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Great work @SkinnyMe! Keep it up. :blush:

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Thanks @SkinnyMe!

Thats great! good for you. I’m trying to do the same with dog walks and a new bicycle I bough used. But it’s hard, lacking stamina.

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