Just went for a 30-minute walk!

I’m proud of myself for doing this, I usually stay inside and sleep or just stay on my computer but not this morning.
Treating myself with some coffee.


You deserve your coffee

That’s amazing! You’ve inspired me. I will go on a thirty minute walk today also!

Yay for inspiration!
I hope you have a good walk when ya go, also hope the weather is nice as well.

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I appreciate the commentary.

30 minute is the perfect length. At my parents place theres a route around the neighborhood, If you go average walking speed its 30 minutes long and its perfect.

Sounds wonderful, it’s similar here where I live, takes about 30 minutes to complete from my house and back if you go down the longer street.
Now if I can pull this off everyday or at least a couple days of the week, I’ll meet good requirements for physical health, which is about an hour or more a week.

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@Cipher so happy for you!

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I want to take a 30 minutes walk too.

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30 minutes at a good clip will do wonders! Try and do it 3 or more times a week and your doing well!

I’ve found a fitness tracker is good. I do 11,500 steps a day as my goal and I get there most days. That is over two 30 minute walks and roughly over 10kms.

10km’s of walking is basically what most folk did for work in the early 20th century and that is good for the human!

Well done you!

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I plan on doing some more walking.
Good for you @Cipher!