I did a 15 minute walk

down to my church and back today for a total of 30 minutes walking. I stayed for about an hour. This is the second time I’ve done that in a week. I think I’m going to make it a regular occurrence. But I won’t walk in inclement weather. This is in addition to my regular yoga.


Very good. It’s easy to add to your lifestyle and if you can do it it’s really very good for you. Well done on the 30minutes.

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There’s this beautiful black cat that lives down the way in my apartment complex that I see every time I go walking. I’ve seen him (her?) 3 times so far already. She’s pure black, shiny with green eyes and very gorgeous. She likes to sit outside on her owners balcony and stare outside.

I’ve never seen her owner. Her owner peeked at me through the blinds today but of course didn’t come out to say hello.


That’s awesome, good on you for getting more active @SkinnyMe!


Thank you, @velociraptor .

And, thank you @rogueone!!

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Yeah, good going @SkinnyMe
I plan on taking taking more strolls down my street more often.

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Good job! I bet you feel good and refreshed

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