Just a walk in the park

Literally. There’s a medium size park about a 5 minute drive from my apartment. I took my sisters dog there for a walk. And realized how much my relative isolation has got me out of the loop in several ways. It was an eye opener. It was a a good walk, there were only a few people there. I only walked for 15 minutes. I’m out of shape! I could have walked more if I forced myself, but I am planning on going back and building up endurance a little at a time.


I’m glad your getting out and about again. I bet once your back feels better, you’ll walk longer and further again. Take it slow and be patent with yourself.

I love a walk in the park.


I’m glad you are getting up and walking around more. It sounds like your back is “back” in order… :wink:

Slow and steady progress is the way to go.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday Afternoon and get to enjoy some iced tea on your deck.

dogs need the sound sights smells and exersize and we do too!
i always feel so much better afterwards endophines i think lol

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thats great nick, sweep and i went for a walk in the park yesterday as well, it was about a 30min walk and the weather was nice for a change, we loved it as we walked around it was like an adventure in a way with some old castle ruins.

i dont normally go for a walk because of a health condition but it is under control more just now.

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