I told two of my siblings that

From tomorrow I will eat sensible.for the rest of my life.
They just laughed and when I said that I could do with some encouragement they didn’t really listen and didn’t respond.

It kind of doesn’t feel great.

Idk how to even tell them that I didn’t like their lack of support. I feel like I’m making a big deal out of it (in their eyes)

Well even without their support I’m going to do it anyways it will just be harder.



So I just said to my brother are you not proud of me that I am starting sensible eating tomorrow?

and he said I am proud of you and then he did a sarcastic cheer and clap. :laughing:

but idk if I want to approach my sister about how it made me feel, it is so awkward and I don’t want potential arguments with her, it would stress me out the anticipation of us having an argument of some kind or her saying something that hurts me even more?

am I taking this too seriously?

it does not feel like I am

is there a way that I can take her lack of support and laughter, not too seriously because right now I just don’t like how it feels

is this being too sensitive, like in a bad way? the way the reaction makes me feel?

Hey there, I’m sorry you weren’t taken seriously. That is not a good feeling at all, but don’t let it hinder your resolve! Support is awesome and makes the journey better, but it is in no way necessary. I would be hurt by that too, but draw strength from their response and show them that you deserve to be taken seriously.


Thanks @Later_Gator, wise words

I have to eat slower and improve my posture. I promised my parents.

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I eat like a pig, that’s what my brothers told me :sweat_smile:

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Are you still a vegan butterfly?

I do not diet but do in a way because I’m having a smaller lunch and trying to eat less.

I love :two_hearts: eating.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I am trying to become a permanent vegan but it is so hard :frowning:

I will get there eventually :crossed_fingers:

how many years have you been a vegan for?

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Not that your siblings didn’t treat you unfairly, but such a declaration opens you up to be trolled.
Eat sensibly but leave room for treating yourself a little, instead of allowing it to be a sibling war.


I think making an announcement made them think it was a joke and now they’re going to be defensive if you bring it up. Just let it go. It hurts, I know. My sisters would have done the same thing. I don’t look to my siblings for support. It just doesn’t work out. But we’ll support you here. There’s also a weight loss thread here. Do you have the money to try WW? You can get support at meetings. And you can eat whatever you want so you’re safe as a vegan. If not, just keep coming here. Tell us your ups and downs. This is a supportive community. Congratulations on your decision to get healthy :slight_smile:


Thankyou :slight_smile: @screwercs and @ZmaGal :slight_smile:


I was vegan for eight months then I broke my diet and ate meat but kept wanting to be vegan again but my boyfriend I had didn’t want me to go vegan and said if I go vegan I can f uck off which I eventually did.

I have been a vegan now for about ten months.

I hope to be vegan for the rest of my life.

There are some vegan foodies groups you can join.

Vegan cook books etc

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There is challenge 22 which is a vegan challenge with mentors and dietitians and it is all free.

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I’ve got all the recipes I just need to discipline myself like craaayzy

Thanks for the suggestion though I appreciate it very much.

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