I thought I'd just make a point today

My advice to you is to not buy NexCare band-aids, green/white box. you standing there bleeding, and it takes 3 to 4 minutes to get all their packaging off to apply.! plus all the band-aids are connected and need perforation pulling to get one off, and you’re bleeding!

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I keep bandaids everywhere for this reason. Purse, bathroom, car, bedroom. I’m the one who’s always prepared, with a first aid kit nearby in case anything happens. It’s perfectly organized too.

Hope you’re okay!

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is it first aid kit? what do you use?

I used to stock up for my kids raising them.

this post was about me chewing on my nails.

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It’s just a general first aid kit. They’re expensive af, so I only have one which goes with me everywhere. At home I keep small ones around I put together myself.

I prefer the Band-Aid brand. I never have problems with them. Curad is also good.

yeah, but I don’t know what happened, maybe it wasn’t covered on insurance plan, or too expensive out of pocket, or was all those dot ones, band-aids. idk.
I’m sure your first aid kit is better.

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I dunno, but first aid kits are ridiculously overpriced. You can easily spend $40 on little to nothing. I think mine was ~$75 and it’s small. I’m still upset about it lol

Man oh man. I’ve still got 500 bucks on my health card, covers lots of things, supplements, anything medical. but I’m not the best consumer when I get into Walgreen’s, it looks right but then
sucks when I go to use it


but, Sheri, they’re more water-proof, Nex-care. how many band-aids did you see in the drains of the swimming pools growing up.

I haven’t used a band-aid in years. I just bleed until it stops.

then it curdles. 1555

I dont know what brand of band-aids I have. I guess I could walk to the dresser and look at the box but nahhhh Im too lazy…

I need to invest in a first-aid kit and some storeable food supplies in case the power grid goes out. I have an antenna but I cant get it to work/ was hoping I would have free cable from it. Spent $100 on this stupid antenna that doesn’t work!!

and tons of vitamins hahaha

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yeah, we’ve been thru like 6 antennaes, bring me back to analog. idk. days we can’t get PBS. thanks God for Nexflix. and no Cubbies A.M.

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I take those supplements cuz I don’t eat much, but don’t overdo it if you’re getting good diet. I’m still still getting my smoothies, I feel like a baby! ha.

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I realized what is messing with me. Its not the supplements. Its the sleeping pills/Ambien. I also need to lower the dose of Gabapentin its causing new anxiety/never used to have anxiety.

Holistic healing is where its at. I will soon be off all these meds/and just do nature.

I sometimes do trial and error, do you? is there where you’re coming u with this.
Sometimes I skip meds, and then i sleep like a baby.
But I just want to be regulated. you know?

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