I Think My Life Is Paranormal or

Man i have been freaking out the past couple of months. It seems like when i go to the certain locations or better yet when i leave my home and drive my car people are just going to be driving fast or trying swerve into the lane i am in on purpose and its awkward. Its becoming kind of supernatural to me like its happening every SINGLE DAY. I pray to God and i keep Him first all times but im kind of scared of my life right now. I dont know if im on the right medication or my life is actually paranormal. Im kind of paranoid and frightened that this is the rest of my life, not praying on it or counting, but its been happening every darn DAY. I dont have a support system once again and i dont have any disability coming in so my life right now is difficult. Sometimes i think maybe i shouldn’t be in the area i am in or just move to another city or state but i dont have no funds for it. And maybe this is the process of the end of my life but if its like that why dont God just take me out. I just dont see any purpose.

Could be you are delusional. I don’t think you should drive anymore. Have you seen a psychiatrist?

dont you mean i shouldn’t drive anymore and no i have not seen a psych but if your talking about seeing my doctor and my therapist at my mental health institution then yes i have seen a pysch. And i dont have a big support system so i me driving to work is basically the only option or become homeless and cashless then the situation might get worse but not predicting it AT ALL

Driving while having delusions does not sound like a good idea.
Can’t you use public transport?

the only places i go is to work and i could use public tranportation but my job is 2nd shift and they dont have any late night buses

People swerve into me lane all the time on the road. It doesn’t mean they’re trying to hurt you. It means there are many unsafe drivers on the road. If you live in a high-traffic area, you’ll have this problem pretty much every time you get in your car.

If you feel nervous driving, it might help you to take a defensive driving course. Bonus: it will give you a discount on your car insurance.

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really lower my car insurance. whats a defensive driving course and how much does it cost

Welcome to my world.

That kind of driving is typical everyday stuff in Oakland Ca.


Call your insurance company to ask about classes near you. Mine cost me $60 and saves me $20/month.

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