I think I'm the most important person in the world. Civilizations crumble, fortunes are won and lost, and I must have colonized Mars but it slipped my mind. All because of me

I don’t mean this in a self-centered way. What I mean is that people will go to any length to stop me from having power. Even in my own apartment.

Why is the world going out of it’s way to stop me from getting a little attention or control even though I took acid in high school, dug too many tree stumps out of the ground by the roots by myself and saw R.E.M. in concert? (I’m proudest of the tree stumps, lol.). Seriously, my neighbors have the instincts of a cat and jump all over any sign of life out of me
I don’t buy that’s how life works, I don’t buy that I’m doing something wrong either or that stopping me from having power is for the common good. What’s up with these people? I could understand that maybe some of my efforts are trying to get something for nothing. Just occsionally. But they try to stamp out my hard earned experiences where I 100% did sht in life. That was me by myself who lived in the board & care home for two years. It was fcking me who walked out every morning among the other tenants who wanted to kick my ass. But some people liked me.

But head games, pure rottenness, and taking the low-life opportunity to crush me, is how my neighbors get along now. Is the damn world going to end if I have a little power or attention? Sorry for the rant but this killing me.

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Can you give an example of what they’re doing to you?

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Can you buy noise cancelling earbuds? Bose Quietcomfort 20s will even block out yelling.

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Nick, I have always admired how you kept working even when you had schizophrenia. I’ve also admired how you stayed away from drugs. Sometimes the normies just don’t understand how hard it is to function with schizophrenia. You deserve a lot of credit, Nick.


Uh, intimidation, mind games, magic, hypersensitivity? One of those is my best guess. Maybe nothing is going on or maybe something. I’m at my wits end. You tell me.

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I feel like that too sometimes.

At times if I vent to a person (IRL) , compared to someone online, I feel a little better.

Just like how people say that we NEED love, I feel that we need someone we can vent to.

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Most of my troubles are of my own making. But you do understand I’m emotionally immature and grandiose. Love ya, Nick!



Thanks @crimby, I really appreciate that. Really. This thread ain’t a shining example of me at my best, but I do appreciate the recognition. I like getting recognition from the older folk, we have a lot of shared experience in common from just surviving so long, schizophrenic or not.

Some people are on ego trips. Are you grandiose @77nick77 are you out of this world with them? If not you are OK and they are on a ego trip.

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