I think I'm ready to be sober

Drinking and drugging is no longer any fun…

I think I’m ready to be sober.

If only I could have a couple beers, but I can’t. It leads me down a destructive road. I think I’m ready though. I’ve suffered enough.

Where to start though.


I think this is great I’m not sure where to start. Maybe NAMI or AA? Remember, they always say one day at a time.

Also talk to your doctor about medications that may help you with withdrawal.

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I think AA would be good for me. In the back of my mind I wanna finish the rest of the drugs in my possession but realize that’s probably not the wisest choice.

Last time I went to AA I didn’t feel accepted, but I think i’d be more accepted now.

I definitely don’t need rehab, as I’ve done that before and I’m not that bad. And I’m not sure if it’d ever get that bad again. But I don’t wanna live a life of misery and wasting money on pointless substances when I’ve gotten high enough already.

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Maybe you should taper off, so you don’t suffer withdrawal, but like I said, you should talk to a doctor.

What about inpatient treatment?

My drug of choice are hallucinogens. Right now I’m under the influence of LSD. I don’t get withdrawals. I don’t need inpatient. At worst I need IOP.

I’m not bad alcoholic, but if I have a couple beers, it leads to more beers, which eventually leads me to wanting to do LSD and shrooms and mescaline and ayahuasca, etc…, etc… It’s a vicious cycle.

Psychadelics seem pretty bad for someone with sz, but I don’t know.

Sobriety is the way to go man, its a long hard road but it is worth it.


I remember this in the sober house I was at but without the meme sentence ,:joy:.

Now that I’m sober, I’m addicted to food and other stuff. I’m trying to level myself out.

Maybe I can addicted to working out. That wouldn’t be the worst of addictions.

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Best addiction I can think of.:muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


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good on you :heart:
…you will feel better for it… :grin:
take care :alien:

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I was never ready before. There was still something to be conquered. Now I realize it’s unconquerable. And it’s not fun. And I will indeed feel better for it!

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One of the things that motivates me is being the guy in the chair 30 years from now telling my war stories back in the 'teens of how I used to get messed up on all kinds of drugs and stuff…before you kids ever did :wink:…talking to people half my age and them respecting me for being that OG who did drugs while they were still in the womb.

And all the great spirituality I learn in AA…I live for that ■■■■.

I don’t wanna get ahead of myself though.

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wierd, what i wrote to you just disappeared… :smiley:
but you can do this…
take care :alien:

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You are tripping right now man?

It’s cool but you should definitely not be addicted to psychedelic drugs,for me and most people that I know psychedelics are just a toy,but don’t play with them too much.

Tripping isn’t a big deal for me anymore. Just another way to get high. That’s what happens when you’ve done it like 60 times. I can do it on consecutive days. That’s how I know I’m wrong. This is why I need to stop.

I’ve had bad trips in the past when tripping was like a big deal, man,…if you know what I mean. But now it’s just a feeling. Which is why I need to stop.

Then stop …dude man …we are here for you bro .
Even though this isn’t a drug site.


You say you “trip” like it’s no big deal. But I wonder if they are doing you harm that you may not even be aware of. You could be damaging yourself and not even know it.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

You have to start somewhere. Throw all your drugs out and hit an NA meeting. I got clean through AA, CA, and NA (as you might know). It was the best thing I ever did for myself. I was heading down a bad road before I got clean but as soon as I got clean I got a job and went back to school and started socializing a LOT more. It was no coincidence that these things happened to me as soon as I got clean.