Sobriety is hard

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about drugs. I’ve been having the occasional beer, but I’ve decided to slow that down as well.
Now I can’t stop thinking about having a beer. I know it doesn’t solve any problems.

I wish I could get a natural high somehow. And before you say Runner’s High, don’t.
I don’t run. I can’t. My joints ache and I’m really out of shape.

I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve even considered going off my meds just to feel the high of psychosis, but I know that’s a terrible idea.

I feel so lonely in this.

Not alone, I struggle with longing for substances too. I always self medicated for my symptoms. It’s a constant fight to stay comfortable in my own skin and state of mind.

You already know it won’t solve anything, that’s good.

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It gets easier as time goes on. It’s mostly just a habit in a way.


I used drugs for about 20 years. I haven’t done hard drugs in 5 years. I stopped seeking them out and thinking about them. I don’t crave them. They have been a part of my life so long it sucks thinking I will never do any again but I’m afraid they would react with risperidone. I still drink alcohol though. I cant imagine staying sober without occasional alcohol. I do understand not knowing what else to do and really wanting something.

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Your not alone I know how it is I used to party everyday of the week and I still do occasionally mainly outta boredom it’s something am working on because at the end of the day it’s not good for you especially when on medication

Suggest attending a 12 Step program like AA. It’s what helped me sober up 27 years ago. You don’t have to be alone in this, you have a family out there waiting to support you.



On the 30 th of this money I have 2 years clean from drugs. I still drink but manage it well. I can recommend 12 step program but i’m Not going to say it’s the best thing. AA was terrible for me I was treated bad for being a low class schizophrenic. In there mind if you work the steps you’ll no longer have schizophrenia.

I know what it’s like in and out the program but still being clean. If you wanna talk PM any time!

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Like everyone is saying youre not alone. You dont have to be anyway. Ive done a lot of things Im not at all proud of, all for some stupid substance or another. Dont let them dominate your thinking, you are in control. If you ever feel out of control, go for a coping mechanism–for me its music, but everyone is different.

Maybe you like some other form of art or outdoorsy stuff or have a pet to cuddle with or something. Anything. To get your mind off it until the craving passes.

Wishing you the best Nova, youre a sweet person and dont deserve an addicts life

I never looked at my four year addiction as a positive thing. Crack almost killed me and led me to dangerous places and hanging around unsavory characters and wasting money on drugs instead of food.

No, sobriety is hard but addiction was harder, scarier, and costly.


Yes, It can be hard at the beginning but you need the inner conviction that you ARE better off without substances. You need to think about it clearly and see that the substances have not led you where you want to be. I suggest picking up some hobbies to keep your mind occupied. I also find having a fizzy drink like a soda, seltzer, tonic water, or whatever… even kombucha helps when I’m craving alcohol…

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Yeah it’s tough. Maybe Try to find a rush learning new things?

I get high every day through holotropic breathing and meditation. I also do a sudarshan kriya breathing technique every morning fro 10 minutes which gives me a buzz.

You really can get high from breathing exercises, you’d be surprised!

I have just given up beer for awhile to lose weight. Boring in the evening, I know! I wouldn’t have given it up if I didn’t feel the need to lose weight.

I was an alcoholic for 10 wasted years of my life. I know I’ll always have addictive tendencies, but over time it gets easier to just say no. I think it’s hard going grocery shopping when about 1/4 of the store is dedicated to alcohol in some form. Sometimes I just go down the beer aisle and stare. It has become an instinct almost. But I usually come to my senses and leave quickly. I see people buying large amounts of alcohol every time I go to the store. Never understood how one can drink just one or two drinks and be satisfied.

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Don’t you think that’s a bit inappropriate for a thread about sobriety?


I’ve been having a rough time recently and I’ve wanted soo bad to reach out for one of the beers in my fridge. So far I haven’t, and I’m glad.

But the cravings are there and I can’t even afford to buy snacks to kill the cravings.

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If you are having cravings, food always helps. One of my biggest triggers is and will always be hunger.

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I am talking about me not u

Uh yeah, but was it really necessary to do that in a thread where people write about having problems controlling their drinking?

Are there any support groups for drug addiction in your area?