I think if I keep at it

32 years old…I can become a famous rapper. I could make it at 30 years old or 29 even but I’d be even better at 32 years old. And I don’t wanna feed into my Jesus delusion by trying to make it at 30 years old. But at 32 I will be a dope rapper. That’s six years from now. A lot of practice later. I will make it at 32 :slight_smile: even if I’m not the next Eminem , I can be the next atmosphere or yelawolf or something. Might as well dream.


Cool, I really like atmosphere.


More in terms of fame level I’m talking. Maybe cage is a better comparison. If you’ve heard of him. I too like atmosphere a lot too. My friend who put me on the same level as famous rappers when I had just started rapping when I was 23 who wouldn’t give me credit because I wasn’t on a professional level even though I had just started. He was very critical of me. Said to me “you’re closest to Eminem in terms of style”. Cage is the undergroundish version of Eminem :slight_smile:


I like your songs, but you might find more success with a Macklemore vibe or a Lukas Graham vibe.

Just my 2 cents.

I don’t like Cage, too depressing for my tastes. I like Cage with Aesop Rock though. But Cage alone I don’t like.

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I go to the same school as Macklemore. I don’t like him too much. not enough controversial enough. Plays into a whole different audience than I wanna reach.

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I used to love the song suicidal failure. Major trigger warning. Don’t recommend listening.

I needa one day find a way to save money so I can invest in studio time to get a professional sound. Right now I don’t even have a microphone.

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Wow Aesop Rock has a real sick flow. They both do. My raps are more deliberate. All about the lyrics. (And the sound too) but you really listen to mine, while those guys you more just VIBE with. My voice is already less whiny than cages. Cage had a real tough life pre fame though. Rougher than I did. You gotta give him credit for what he survived. I’m trying to stay humble but I really think I can make it on the mainstream like Eminem did. In six years. Like I said dream big. But ya. I’m more into mainstream hip hop than you are and that reflects my sound somewhat. I feel like Aesop Rock grew up on 80s and 90s underground. I grew up on Tupac biggie jayz nas big l etc. Kendrick Lamar is my favorite out now probably.

Aesop Rock is my absolute favourite. His song “Take Me To The Basement” played a huge part in my psychosis last year. And his album Labour Days also did.

I highly recommend listening to a lot of Aesop Rock. He has a new album out called The Impossible Kid. It’s great.

I know about Cage’s hard life, it’s actually a really scary kind of hard life isn’t it? I feel bad for him, but he raps about it a lot and it really unnerves me so I don’t listen to a lot of his stuff because of it.

It’s really cool talking hip hop with you. @anon68237654 has really good taste in hip hop too.

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Do you know who j dilla was? To me he’s the best producer of all time. That’s another side of it. Beats. I’m really keen on beats.

No I’ve never heard of J dilla. Where is he from?

Detroit. He died very young of a rare blood disease. He rapped too. His beats were mesmerizing. He was mostly underground but critically acclaimed.

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I just looked him up on youtube, really cool beats.

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Me and my parents are watching the Jimi Hendrix biopic starring Andre 3000 tonight.

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Don’t let your dream be just a dream just do it !!! :smile:


Thank you @anon84763962! I’m lucky enough that my wife bought me a ticket for the new “run the jewels” tour for Christmas. And because of that, I found out about this guy “spark master tape” who is opening up for them and I’ve really been digging. He has a couple mixtapes for free download at datpiff.com. He distorts his vocals and keeps his face covered, so no one knows if he’s black, white, asian, arab, whatever.


It’s interesting.

like, I write poems but I don’t aim to necessarily be a famous poet.

usually being famous (or well-known/relatable) involves doing things that might take me from my comfort zone, or change the initial purpose of my writings.

I really like this song