I’d wanna pursue a music career

Just rapping emceeing. You don’t need to make beats to be successful in rap by any means. I’m not saying I’m gonna become billboard top 100 next summer. But I think by next summer I’d like to pursue a music career. I’ve doubted myself I’ve thought about it. I’ve thought about it more. And I finally think it’s in my front ahead sights. Not to blow up. But just to pursue a career. This means making a music video. I wanna wait for my 30th birthday. Also my job trial period will be over a little before next summer. I wanna be on the road. Go to shows. I notice a lot of ppl who spit flows. These days. Are on the road. A while before they get higher. In the industry. Maybe I’d blow up in five years. But I think I’m almost ready to truly share my music to the world. Maybe it will flop but it’s worth a try. Make a serious song next summer with a producer in studio and release a music video. And see where it can take me.

I really think this song I made is dope. My sister said it inspired her

I know a lot of ppl here haven’t given my music a chance in a little while. And I still have a long way to go till next summer. But I can see myself now. lol. It’s just what I love to do. And I’ve had a lot of support in my life in the pursuit of music. A lot of people told me I should do it. And I think I’m on my way.

If u don’t agree, then o well.

Peace :v:


Try to get involved in your local scene. A lot of venues where I live have moved from punk to rap. Some of my friends have met some great people through it.

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Very few people make anything like a good living out of music . If you are going to pursue this dream have something to tide you over the financially barren patches .

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If you wanna pursue a career emceeing, youre going to need to do live shows. Thats how the vast majority of rappers get discovered. Youd probably also have to go to LA or Atlanta if you dont wanna just be a local hit. Best of luck to you man, if you perform live as well as you do in recording Im sure youll do great things!

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You can start part time and take it from there sure you will do great and things will go well for you just give it time.

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