Problem with my music

I was listening to this rapper “G Eazy” yesterday. And realized our styles are too alike. I mean there’s obvious differences. He’s way more cocky and Doesn’t make fun at himself at all. Probably cuz he hasn’t had a difficult life by any means. But he’s only a year older than me and a lot of our concepts are similar. I wouldn’t wanna jock his style by any means! Cuz tbt I don’t like him at all. I think his voice is more annoying, he doesn’t have any humility at all, we are different, I have more subject matter, but I also see many similarities. I consider this a blessing in disguise…it forces me to evolve. It is what motivated me to start making beats, so I can stand above people like him. I like me better, maybe I’m biased, but I see it this way, he has money already, he’s rich, so I can’t just say screw u I’m gonna take over. He already has tons of fans. Which is why I gotta evolve. It’ll force me to work harder. Which is a blessing in disguise. Also I plan on truly getting “serious” about music when I’m in my 30s, by that time we will be at way different places in life, me and this guy g eazy, he will be a 30 something year old celebrity while I will be a struggling underground independent musician. We will naturally evolve apart from each other. But I wanna take that to another level. Slowly but surely. Evolve as much as I can do. Make deeper sounding stuff. Less childish. And whatnot.


Your music is very original @Goyankees, can you post some sounds of this person who is bothering you. Stick to your guns, your music is great!

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Thanks @green that means a lot. I just wanna increase my vocabulary, be more humble, more poetic. Like I have a line “cmon please, I do this ■■■■ with ease”. But instead I wanna say something like “this rap stuff hard, so I play my part, hip hop comes from the heart”. Or something. I heard g easy say “this rap stuff too easy!” And I thought it was very cocky and didn’t like it. So I wanna go away from that and be more humble.

This is one of his better songs…I also wanna be less misogynistic and less about substance abuse. More positive message. Without sacrificing myself In the process. I wanna study , try harder, and learn to make good beats! I wanna be very original. But not get away completely from what I was doing. Just switch it up a little bit.

@Goyankees what is the difference between rap and hip-hop? If there is one… sorry for my ignorance :sweat:

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Same thing. Hip hop is more the lifestyle, rap is what u do.

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I discussed this with my job trainer and he said G eazy really is really really cocky. Then he asked to hear one of my songs and I did and he said he thought I was real good and I don’t need to change and I’m nothing like g eazy. He says g eazy has a “flow like a white boy” while I reminded him of this rapper eyedea who I looked up and he’s ill. I took it as a compliment I don’t “have a flow like a whiteboy”. He encouraged me to make my own beats tho. And I said I wanna be more humble still, and the other things I wanna change are things I wanna do anyways. So maybe I was freaking out over nothing.

I listened to him. He’s okay but I think your better.

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