I think i need t sleep better 😴

I’m not sleeping well. Strategies to sleep?


These are all good but I wouldn’t smash the alarm clock because then oversleeping could occur and that’s not good either. https://youtu.be/ap2tZH5N1ZM

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Try L-theanine.

Our results suggest that L-theanine is effective in ameliorating positive symptoms and sleep quality in schizophrenia.

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I would prefer dont take anything :disappointed_relieved:

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Few steps I take:

Bath bombs, I love em, something soothing like lavender

Tea, sleepytime, herbals, anything with out caffeine

Sex, a good release can help send anyone off to dreamland

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Thank you. I will try.

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I usually use melatonin, vita fusion brand. And it helps a bit.
No caffeine before bedtime.

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I take Trazodone 50 mg and I sleep really good. I was prescribed Trazodone because I didn’t sleep good.

6 mg of Melatonin is what I use to sleep. My Zyprexa gives me a lot of energy and I need help winding down again.

I take Seroquel 100 mg every night and Trazodone 50 mg every night. These are prescription psych meds. I also take Melatonin 6 mg every night. That is over the counter. These are wonderful at helping me to sleep. I take them all at around 9 pm and I’m out by 11 pm.

Do you have insomnia? I take melatonin 10 mg and a benadryl it helps me sleep good. If all else fails, which is rare, I drink chamomile tea with the concoction. Un-healthy I know

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