I Think I Know What I have to Do

A certain Radio Station in my home town is surely sending me messages through songs…enticing me into action.

I think many people will benefit if I take this action, but also believe I will be hurting certain families if I do.

This is not a delusion.

Mate. You always say these things when your not doing well. It’s the sz. It’s smoke and mirrors and it’s not real. Ultimately it’s just a song. Please don’t do anything stupid and if you think these things seek treatment first.


The Big Zing…

I know I’m just a ■■■■■■ up sh!t joke artist.

hope you will get some insight soon man.

No one ever gets messages from songs or radio. It sounds nice in theory but it doesn’t happen.

Don’t take action on any of these ‘messages’ you think your getting.

If you think its important and cant get away from the ideas then hold off on it for 1 month. then think about it again and see if still holds weight, and if it does then wait another month.

if you feel like your gonna take action then go to hospital and ask the doctors about it first.


You’re chasing phantoms. You need help badly.

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I’ve said this before…

If you want to kill me, take a number…because the line-up is from here to the Moon.

■■■■ man, give me all you got!

There’s no boundaries or rules anymore. We’re way beyond that point.

C’mon, let it all hang out!

I didn’t even know what had happened until days later.

We were both young and made a mistake. I didn’t want this to all be in vain…meaningless.

I thought/ think millions of people wanted me dead, so I tried to make a positive out of two negatives.

I don’t want anything from anybody.

I once thought I had to choose between the fictional Vito Corleone or his son Sonny Corleone. (Father and son stuff ie. Religion).

If you open both topics a little bit I was dealing with sexuality and race.

I saw too many mafia movies in my twenties. I’m here to describe this stuff if you think it might benefit you…

The only thing most of these high flyers want or understand is the best toys.

So I did a ‘Rosebud’ experiment in the hopes that would generate billions of dollars to the right cause after I had been killed, or took my own life.

My blog title that I’ve never changed my mind about is named ‘CaffeineDreams’.

Independent of this is that there exists a cafe in Omaha, Nebraska with that very name.

When I was very unwell I saw a double meaning in some newsfeed and thought my actions and choices were making said cafe a successful hotspot.

If a Taxi Cab shows up at my place within the next hour, I’ll get in.

If it takes me to my death, so be it.

People speak about Truman and Matrix. A lesser frequent one is the influence of “Never Ending Story”.

I’d bet my farm that you’ve seen it, and you think your moves are creating impacts far and wide.

I actually run an online station and I guarantee that it’s impossible to target individual listeners. Not technically feasible through the Internet and absolutely impossible for a terrestrial station to do using licensed radio spectrum. It’s your illness messing with you, man. Please get some help.


I’ll keep that in mind.

And I apologize for my personal outburst against you a while back. You devastated me with a comment and I lost my sense of composure.