I Need All of Your Advice

I feel if I go to the Authorities and explain a situation which happened a long time ago, this will benefit many people.

My family believes it will just end up hurting some people unnecessarily.

Am I delusional, or is this in fact the right thing to do?

Songs on the Radio are telling me to do this.

Should I go to the Authorities?

  • Yes
  • No

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If songs on the radio are telling you to do it,

Its always a bad idea, homie.


I’m gonna say if your family thinks it’s a bad idea and songs on the radio are saying to do it, then don’t do it.

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I like the songs on the radio, but sometimes I just need to turn it down a couple notches.

You should really stop listening to the radio for the time being.


It would probably be a bad idea

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turn off your radio @PatrickT ask your wife to get you to go to your pdoc and tell him what you are telling us…YOU ARE UNSTABLE.


I thought the police and the government were spying on me when I was psychotic, so in some semblance of objectivity I went to the police station and asked if there were any warrants for my arrest, so they checked my ID and said no, a few minutes later.

Not sure if this helps, but the point is that you shouldn’t let delusions run you down. Fight for insight, don’t go down the crazy path of seeking hidden messages from random bits of media. That’s a sure path to the psych ward.

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Patrick you need to get help. Don’t go to the authorities. I have a feeling it will end very badly. You need to see a doctor! Please get help. I wish you well.


No no no no NO.

And please turn off that @#$%ing radio. Stay away from TV and Youtube as well. Your illness needs another trigger like a fish needs a bicycle.

Stay home, avoid contact with non-family as much as possible outside of these forums, and ride out the storm until you stabilize on meds.


Who said ‘Yes’ ?

You are unstable Patrick.
Please either go to the Hospital or stay in close touch with your pdoc.

Listen to your family, man. Did your wife come home today? How is she doing?

Well, I hopped in the car and was on my way but the Radio songs didn’t signal to me that I was doing the right thing, so I turned around and came home.

Maybe tomorrow.

Wow, you’re kind of a danger to yourself at the moment. You should call a psychiatrist and tell him these things, you need medication.

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Where was your brother?! How did you get your keys?

@PatrickT You need to go to the hospital. You are doing very dangerous things. Who is supposed to be watching you? Why do you have your keys?

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I’ve got my car keys and phone back. I’m not going to do anything stupid, don’t worry.

You just did do something stupid. Is your brother still around?

I’m tired of being crazy…just so tired of it all. There’s never an answer.