The Radio in My Town is Relentless

I’m reading double/ triple meanings into every song that is being played by every Radio Station.

I just wish they had an All Kazoo Radio Station I could listen to.

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Sucks man. You really need the medicine

I’ve always said my music and humour are my only 2 bullets against this beast of an affliction. I see my doctor next Tuesday if I can hang on that long.

As long you get peace and sleep.

I receive messages from TV every day

My past actions and words I’ve written on the Internet are haunting me. I’m reading symbols into every song that is being played. This is my ‘delusion of persecution’…although I don’t believe it to be a delusion anymore. I think it’s real.

I’ve had suicidal ideation pretty much my whole adult life, and never really cared about what I used to write. I think I’m headed for an early grave. My past is chasing me like the Robot Cop from the Terminator movies…it’s relentless.

do you believe they are programming your memories

since a certain song can trigger either good or bad memory

it didn’t help one time when my dad told me in the car
that the song playing right now is the story of his life :open_mouth:

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This isn’t my first Rodeo…I’ve relapsed about 5 times with the same delusion. But this time it just seems so real. My head is spinning.

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just try not to rise to the occasion, Patrick

don’t dwell or work yourself up

I have strong thoughts on this too

like they’re to make us have symptoms.

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As likely the only person here actually RUNNING a station, I promise you we aren’t out to torment anyone. We just want to share music we love with like minded people and build a community around it. About the only nefarious messaging on The Squirrel is that there are a lot of, er, tongue-in-cheek references to testicles (“our nuts are so big you’ll need BOTH hands!”) in our station imaging.

That would still ■■■■ you up, man. The damn disease is messing with you. Stay off the radio and Youtube until this wave of crap passes by, it’s triggering you. You know the drill: Talk to doc, get meds adjusted, avoid triggers, hunker down with family.

Sending love and good vibes your way.



I agree with @velociraptor, you should probably avoid the radio for a while. And hang in there. Your pdoc appointment isn’t that far away and you can make it. Hopefully they can adjust your meds or something and get you where you need to be. Take care, man.

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