I think I am a paranoid shizophrenic

I think I am schizophrenic. My problem is I am very paranoid that everyone around me is out to get me and the whole world is a setup for me and everyone is in it. These thoughts started coming to me when I was 15. I am now 23. I even try and find evidence to support my theory and sometimes things add up and its hard for me to believe its a coincidance. I had these thoughts for months and then they went away but I think it came back in other ways. For instance I had it in my brain that i did something last year to hurt someone that I know I never did, and it just didn’t add up but my mind was trying to convince me otherwise. This put me in such a state of distress almost all my year was ruined. Now my thoughts of people who are out to get me is back and i’m trying so hard to make it go away. I do have a history of depression as well and my anxiety is through the roof the past couple months. I am going the doctor friday. I have been having thoughts of killing myself lately and cutting. I don’t think I could ever do that though. I am doing everything I can to keep my head above water but inside I am a mess. :frowning:

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There are lost of a**holes in the world. You know no government actually cares what these people are trying to do to you.

If you have a grasp on your delusions and know they aren’t true, you are doing well…see what the pdoc says and follow their directions…you’ll be o k…I am hoping you will be o k I mean…

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not sure what this is sposed to mean but it is not helping…

thank you i am doing my best

You’re at the age where most sz sets in. If you are diagnosed as sz there will be a lot of consequences, the biggest one being that you have to take med’s. These med’s can be expensive, but you can probably find someone who will help pay for them if you live in the United States. They’ve come out with a new generation of med’s that is much easier to tolerate than the old, but all the med’s, old and new, are debilitating. They mess up your body temperature regulation mechanisms, so that getting a job working outside will be impossible. Before I got on med’s I loved to backpack, but that is impossible now. A lot of the med’s make you gain weight, and I believe that all of them shorten your life span. Once you’re on them it is hard to get off.

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hmm ok…i’ve heard the newer medications are alot better with limited side effects and help people feel normal again. i’m hoping…

Someone is trying to make you think these things

oh the government?? is this illuminati related? lol well probly not funny

No. No matter what you go through the government don’t care. No matter how much pain or suffering.

any other insight or support i would really really appreciate

Something so abstract as a paranoid delusion… if you look for evidence, you will find it (or generate it). Don’t spend time beating yourself up saying you’re crazy and delusional, but also don’t spend time looking for evidence of your sanity. Just put things behind you, and look up. If you’re convinced there’s some sort of system out there trying to control you, at least tell yourself that you’re smart enough to work around it. That’ll show 'em.

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hello there. it’s great that you realize something is wrong with the way you are perceiving your envoirenment. you know that there is something wrong with your brain and that is the first step to recovery. the next step is to get you a shrink and get on some medication that works for you. unfortunately it’s trial and error with meds but i’m hopeful that you’ll find one that works and the side effects won’t be too harsh. there are lots of meds to try so don’t give up hope if the first or second choices don’t work. wishing you all the best. jayne xxx

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I’m in the same boat as you are. It sucks, but it’s nice to know we’re not alone. I’ve tried to be taken to the keyword “Survive”. That’s why I 2nd what kfred said and you’re obviously aware enough to seek out support in the right places. You’ll be fine. Keep doing what you’re doing, go to the doctor, feel free to talk to anyone on this site you want. Whatever helps. It may be a hard ride but at the very least you’ll survive

Welcome to the forum @arlingtonma

Tell your doctor on Friday what you are going through. The right medications can make a big difference and help you to deal with your anxiety and paranoid thoughts. You have made a big first step in looking for help dealing with all this.

Some of these links may help you to get started with support and treatment programs:

Early Psychosis Treatment center information in these two links

Psychiatric Treatment Centers affiliated with Medical Schools in the USA

This link may help you find a psychiatrist in your area


I’ve been recently diagnosed, and I constantly look for cameras in my home, if I’m out I look for people following me and people try to put thoughts in my mind and read my mind.i have two male voices in my head that aren’t very nice. I think everything that happens in the world is aimed at me though the media. i can’t trust anybody including my family.

My medication is starting
To help tho and its making things less intense for me if that’s makes sence? Hopefully il keep getting better and the voices and paranoia will go or lessen for me. I sleep better and, I still don’t shower and things but one step at a time.


Welcome to the forum @Liverpool. I’m glad that medication is starting to help and make things less intense for you.

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A classic early symptom of schizophrenia is the belief that you are being spied on; camera’s in the home, recording devices, phone tapping and so forth. Another is the belief that TV, radio, news-reports…are all subliminally aimed at you. You could be my ex partner; his delusions were very similar.

One thing that worked for him, once he was medicated regaining rationality, was to challenge his thoughts: he’d ask ‘what have I done that is so amazingly unique that the government would invest its time and resources into spying on me?’.
Another delusion was that he thought I could read his mind/thoughts…I remember saying ‘If I could read minds, don’t you think I’d be rich by now?’ and he agreed.

Once the intensity drops down, you’ll be able to challenge certain beliefs and even put them to rest.


You first paragraph is right but it’s not camera. Its real people able to enter your head.

Hey Liverpool! Good job! Keep going!

Keep trying with the meds until you find the right fit. It may take a while, but being able to have a job, friends, peace and quiet is worth it.

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