I need help (not diagnosed)

( I have not been diagnosed with schizophrenia)
From two months from now I’ve been having hallucinations (both auditory - which are the most ones - but also visual). I’ve a lot of paranoid thoughts regarding the government and the police knowing I’m the savior of the world because I know some things I shouldn’t know (this is probably a delusion? I don’t know)

My auditory hallucinations are getting worse: I hear a lot of voices but they aren’t clear, and most of the times I can clear two male voices very clearly. I didn’t sleep today because I was hearing bellrings the whole night.
I usually see flashes and blood, black moving spots like ghosts and other things.

I delusion where I’m the planet’s savior with some things I know about the government and everything.

I’ve been to a psychiatrist and he wanted me to get hospitalized (which I don’t think it’s a bad idea but I’m saving that for when I’m really really bad).

I’m medicated but still see and hear a lot. I’m going to do brain scans and other exams to see if there’s a tumor in my brain.

Can anyone help me? I don’t know if there’s someone with the same symptoms but I’d like to speak to someone who has schizophrenia, in order to help me better understanding and to overcome everything I’m going through.

Sounds like paranoid schizophrenia. But I’m not a doctor and don’t diagnose.

You look like you’re being very sensible. The best thing you can do now is what you’re actually doing, i.e. cooperate with doctors.

They’re the experts and will diagnose you soon enough.

Hopefully it’s nothing to do with a tumour .


I had the same type of delusions, but no auditory hallucinations except twice hearing my name being called. I have thought like voices, they’re different, it’s like telepathy but it isn’t.

Anyway, you’re not alone. It seems scary, it is, but you’ll find ways to cope.

If you’re medicated than it will be better for you sooner, and if you consider going to the hospital it isn’t that bad, you’d be taken care of and you’d have support and medication. Therapy and all of that. It’s not like 60 years ago.

You seem to have insight which is great, I wouldn’t wait out on being worse to be honest.

You’re being treated so you can start thinking on how to live with this, instead of trying to get rid of it.

Hope this helps,



Thank you for the answers. I’m really paranoid, and it scares me a lot (when I am). For example, I broke something that’s not mine and that I have for about 3 years (because the person doesn’t remember to pick it up and I don’t remember to give it to them) and I have been really paranoid about it.

I’ve been having stronger hallucinations and I’m becoming more paranoic each day that passes. My therapist told me to do something: Ask myself if it’s real or not.

That has helped me a lot.

Well it happens, breaking stuff, I wouldn’t worry about it. Just be honest, and everything will be okay.

You know you lost your ■■■■ when your too paranoid to go to outside…none of us are doctors i dont think but yoyr taking the right steps…this forum has helped me alot its nice to have a place where you can talk to fellow sz about sz issues…i guess i got lucky in the paranoid department im not afraid of people govs yes kinda but mostly its shadow beings who want to steal my soul and can travel between dimensions with ease…somehow im evading these super beings lol

Yea, it sounds like Schizophrenia to me. I had similar experience and i was diagnosed sza… be easy on yourself and take positive steps in healthy directions and you can live a happy life anyway. i suggest to steer clear of pot and booze. all street drugs is what i mean… i could be wrong but i know all that gave me hell… but being street drug free has helped. i take meds and work with the health care folk

Maybe it can be of some help to you if you can remind yourself a couple of times a day that their are 8 bilions human beings on Earth, and none of them is THAT important (I mean, whatever happen whomever the « important » actors might be today, don’t worry, chances are the planet will still spin tomorrow.)

Thank you everyone. I’m trying to see a psychiatrist but I’m going to do some exams first. I’m hoping this goes away but I’m not sure it will… Having paranoia is awful since I literally want to hide under my bed because I’m so afraid of the government.

I don’t think I have had a though life regarding getting what I want. But it’s been hard nonetheless, especially in terms of family life. But my hallucinations are keeping me awake during the night. What should I do?

I don’t use drugs or alcohol. I’m only in medication (rispederone) which is a low dose but has helped me a lot.

I have moments of clearly paranóia, where I see and hear a lot of things. They last about 30 minutes and are usually stronger than the usual. Do you also experience this?