Help. Some examples of feeling paranoid

can people give me examples of what they are paranoid about?


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Hi, I think I might have schizophrenia. i need to know what kind of things I would be paranoid about if I suffered from schizophrenia

Well, I thought my phone was bugged and the Mafia and FBI were listening to my calls.


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thanks for your reply. Would that be classified more like a delusion or is it paranoia?
Did medication take the thoughts away or do you still have the occaisional thought?

Yeah, a paranoid delusion. I got over that one!

I thought my son (9 years old) or husband would stab me if I fell asleep.

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If you confirm that you are paranoid it is not logical to conclude that you must therefore be schizophrenic. I think it is important to put that on the table first and foremost. However, if you are paranoid, you should definitely look into the possibility of SZ and just the fact that you have been insightful enough to come and pose the question here is a massive first step to helping yourself.

An example of one of my paranoid delusions. I thought that it was absolutely critical that my experiencing stigmata was documented, but I was paranoid that if a non-Christian were to catch wind of it, I’d be taken away and my story would never get out.

An example of paranoia in a non-psychotic setting? My mum thinks my dad put a load of washing on to exert control over the washing machine and take that power away from her. That’s neurotic paranoia.

Don’t diagnose yourself, go to a proper psychiatrist and let them decide if it’s worth the sz diagnosis.

As for paranoia I thought my house was bugged, that all the secret services of the world were after me and a lot more other small things.

100%. I would agree with a higher percentage if it were possible.

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I feel my family might attack me while I sleep

I thought people were trying to get me to kill myself. I took off to Texas, but I came back.

The content isn’t really what matters. Paranoia can come from different sources.

Hypervigilance thoughts in PTSD.
OCD intrusive thoughts about bad things that might happen.
Interpersonal Paranoia (commonly seen in personality disorders)
Psychosis (such as in schizophrenia)
And so on.

But it’s still complicated. SZ could still manifest interpersonal paranoia, for example.

Just talk with a professional, psychologist or psychiatrist, to start getting to the root of things.

I used to think there was a hidden camera in my TV, and also on the electric pole outside the house.

a camera in my eye, people were watching me on tv, my life was the truman show, people in the hospital were actors, i thought i was the most important person in the world and that i was making a revolution to legalize weed in brazil, that if i slept they would kill me… some of these i got from song lyrics which i thought were written for me