I tapered down on my meds without a doctor

Now my brain is racing and I keep laughing and looking in the mirror I should go back to 10mg haldol I think! I cut down to 5 three weeks ago!!

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Yeah never mess with your meds, without a doctor. :monkey::monkey::monkey:

I don’t hear voices or have delusions right now though

That could lead to psychosis. Go back on 10mg and talk to your doctor.

I think it was smoking withdrawals I feel better now! I’m unsure what to do at this moment

I feel super good !

Doctors go quack quack :duck: and are quacks but I really like my psychiatrist she ain’t a quack

my pdoc is ok with me flexibly dosing my med. Its kind of whatever your comfortable with.
if the symptoms become too much to handle thats when you should think if you should go back up.

I have had mania In the past but I’m not exactly schizophrenic I think my dose of 5 is perfect. I feel fine I just had a cigarette

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Didn’t you already quit meds 15 times? Why did you go back on them everytime?

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My PDoc got very angry with me when I quit the new Abilify we were trying straight up without asking, and went back to ‘Vitamin H’(Haldol) that I still had on supply. I take 20 mg.

I had my reasons he was dismissing them as a med change sitch and kept telling me to be patient but insomnia was getting me pretty badly.

I did that before and landed in the hospital. Be careful!

I was drinking beer every night and a bunch of energy drinks like so so many last time plus I was t getting good sleep. Also I was completely of them every time now I take 5 mg and don’t plan on going lower

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You still need to let your Dr know though.

Yes can she force me to take the full dose though?

Also my symptoms on meds are non existent. I remember after my mental breakdown I heard voices and was scared no matter what med I was on it got better over time. I don’t hear voices on meds and haven’t been paranoid in a really long time.

No she can’t if you’re stable. I lowered my own Abilify and then told my Dr, he was fine with it. But in the end I completely stopped meds and relapsed. I regret it as I probably caused brain damage during those 2 years unmedicated. I should have stayed on the lowered dose and not completely stop meds.

Same for me, no positive symptoms on meds since I came back on meds in 2016.

I had a mental breakdown due to very real factors which I’m not going to discuss. I think my brain has healed a lot since then. I think I either have a personality disorder of some kind or minor schizophrenia or something. My diagnosis is mood disorder. They said bipolar but honestly I don’t get depressed and I’ve always been kind of manic even as a young kid I always had energy and had crazy thoughts and said crazy stuff.

I’m blessed with like hypomania I can and do calm down even off meds if I’m being too much.