Tapering my med

Again I was put on antipsychotics (haloperidol) with dosage of 15 first month, and then 10 next month. Can I go on a lower dosage without staying on 10 mg for some time?

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That’s a question for your pdoc. When I was on haldol I took 5mg, but everyone is different. That’s why you need to talk to a professional.


Yes thank you for your reply but I am not trusting drs after 1,5 year being on and off of med…
And why heard voices? Because didn’t know what they are doing!
My doctor said because you are on injection of Aristada (=10 mg abilify daily) and we dont have aristada with less dosage. Although I told her please prescribe pills but she didnt and then went to a journey. Are these drs crazy or don’t have enough knowledge??? I dont know, but I was seen with another random dr in a clinic because no psychiatrist supported me. And he said now you are 10, go to 5 for 2 weeks and 2.5 next 2 weeks and that was it. I told him too that it’s not gradual and I will hear voices again as I would guess but he didn’t give me more than a month supply. That’s why i am educating myself to understand if they do the right job or not…

I hear what you are saying. You’ve had some problems with doctors. But you are now asking random strangers on the internet. Do you think you’ll get better answers?

Why not? I assume people here have some experiences too… I do whatever I can…
Also I assume there are some doctors here too?

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