I should continue a little workout

I think working out is tiring but it keeps you healthy and I believe it helps your work/career too.

Helps the mind too @Gtx1990 ! Do 30 minutes a day of something even if it’s walking at a brisk pace!+


@Gtx1990 Maintenance of physical strength & muscle mass is healthy.

@rogueone Daily exercise of 30 minutes is good advice. Anyone should see some physiological changes in their body if they keep that exercise regiment for a couple of months.

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i rather sweep and mop the floors, or clean out the car, or just anything physical that also give me instant gratification for a job well done.

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I take walks to ease the anxiety I have during the day. Unfortunately I don’t have a career but I like to think that I can still work hard even if it is on things around the house and music.

It’s work just to maintain a healthy state of mind.

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