I see things but I know they aren’t real

When you see things do you know they aren’t real ?

Lately I’ve been seeing spiders doing circles on the walls. I also saw a hand come through my blinds doing strange movements.

So I know it’s not real. I just spoke to my social worker about it

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I have only experienced visual hallucinations in the months following my head injury. I could not tell if they were real or fake. If someone else was with me, I would ask if they could see the thing, too. But alone, I had no idea. I had to avoid driving during that time, because I would hallucinate animals and people jumping in front of my car.


dmn dude that heavy

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Ive never done acid but ive always described this disease to the nromals as it being like a bad acid trip or an experience in the dream world with no border from reality

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for me ive just learned to brush it off. If you dont get all omg about every little hallucination then they dont effect you anymore the same and they begin to occur less and less allowing you to stay focused on whats important to you

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