Ah dang man, you mean im sz?

Lol. 3 years in and im just now realizing I see people that aren’t real. But dont worry, ill talk myself out of it.

I dont see people that aren’t real, not even Sz.


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most people can tell if they are hallucinating something, i think. does that mean you are delusional that the people you see are real? or does it mean the hallucinations are that convincing?

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Sounds like you’re gaining some insight into the hallucinations tricking your brain.

Keep up the good work

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It doesnt matter really. either way im not in reality. Im forced to take meds, i see a nurse every week, my pdoc tells me i have symptoms of schizophrenia. Either the practice of ethics has been cut in psychiatry or im schizophrenic and am out of touch with reality.

And I saw a woman who is a nurse who would talk to me in the psych ward everyday for a couple hours, whispered to me she ‘liked’ me, and i just saw her last week at the community mental health clinic as a nurse, where she stopped and said to me something i didn’t quite hear, pretty sure it was ‘are you following me’?

I didnt think twice about it til now. So yeah…

I can until I can’t. As I get closer to complete relapse (almost always from going off of my meds in the past) my insight degrades as well as my impulse control. Then I can’t tell what’s real and what’s not.

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yeah, i thought i had good insight until my symptoms overwhelmed me 10 yrs ago

Either that or you were too normal and your brain exploded.

Sorry, that’s the best I can do at 12:13 am.

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