I'm not sure what's real anymore

I had my first and hopefully last psychotic episode yesterday. Swim abused his ADD medication to get high and smoked some pot with his friends. I started having visual and auditory hallucinations and I think I did something embarassing which I won’t transcript here, but I don’t know for sure. When I asked my friends if I had done anything when I started getting better, they denied anything happened but I could tell they were lying. I don’t know if I have actually done this or if my friends are telling the truth and I’m just still being psychotic. How can you tell which events were hallucinations and which were real? Swim is staying sober for the rest of his life btw

For me it’s pretty impossible at the time to tell a hallucination from the real thing. I just get to the point that anything out of place could be a hallucination so I avoid reaction to things like that. I find people I can trust and check with them. You did this with your friends, why would they lie to you?