I really want someone to share my life with

I’m 29 and unfortunately jut a sock wanker.

I feel like I’m getting too old to find a relationship.

I think I’m too shy ffs.

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You just gotta relax man… if you aren’t picky you could certainly find a girl… some girls find shyness cute

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My husband was in his 30s when we got married. So :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

also I’d make sure you have a pleasing life before you go inviting people into it


Your never too old unless you stop breathing.
I was 49 when I got married the second time, he was 44.

Your a good looking fella @anon20318121 and ladies love boats. That’s a shoe in right there. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies I think I might just get a cat in my new apartment




Some people will go on living in their teens and twenties for the rest of their life.

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here’s me and my babes. we’re a total team. No games, no ■■■■■■■■. Just love.


@Azley is right, some girls “dig” shy guys. They look upon them as a project to get them to open up. Or a challenge. Some women don’t mind quiet guys.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You still have a chance to meet someone. Some women are sick of all the aggressive as*holes out there and wouldn’t mind a nice guy. I know the cliche is that women say they want nice guys but always go for the “bad” boys. But there’s millions of shy, quiet guys in the world and they are finding partners somehow so why not you?


And why is it a critique about women?

Just do your own inventory, and offer something good.

I consider you my friend and earlier almost highjacked your post so deleted…sorries. Grass is always greener on other side. Don’t settle just to be “normal” everyone wants to be in love but at what cost? Have you ever been in a serious relationship? Sorry might be too personal for you

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Nope I’ve never really been in a relationship but it’s not girls fault it’s my paranoid self

:hugs:. You are so lucky. You’ve never had your heart stepped on and thrown out the window. Relationships can be as hard as ■■■■ if you’re mentally ill or even “normal” I’m still digesting husbands resentment about us not having kids cuz of my meds and he only a couple of weeks ago told me he And his ex had an abortion. People have a lot of views and baggage that can cause pain. Love is great at times but ■■■■■■■ miserable at times. Be patient, YOU deserve a good woman who tries to care and understand you. You are a good person and my friend. So, they’d better treat ya right or I’ll bitch slap her. Your self esteem is so low, you’re a very important person here and make us realize things, make us laugh and inspire. Don’t settle plz…you deserve the best


Paranoia got in the way for me in High School once. I may have told the story before. It’s almost like something from an anime.

well, it’s a chance you take, what are you the victim?

everybody has ups and downs in a serious relationship,
or even marriage,

I’ve never thought I deserved something that nobody is not.

Didn’t you post a self hating post? My memory isn’t the greatist

yeah, I guess, if you mean me,

The creative person has got to learn to like herself if she wants to get anywhere.

that what you mean?

@anon20318121 I’m not making fun of you, I’m just joking about my experience. Sometimes it’s how I deal.

I’m saying if you have someone so special I’m curious as to why you have a low self esteem