How many of you had never been in a relationship?

How many of you had never been in a relationship before?
how old are you now?
Just curious,you accepted that you would be single forever or do you have any plan to get into a relationship

Well, I’ve dated folks in high school, which was four years ago for me, but I’m asexual now and have no interest at all in dating, so yes, I’ve accepted that I will remain single. Not a problem. (It might change, or it might not- who knows)

Take care. :smile:


I’m in a relationship now. I met my husband 16 years ago. I became ill 4 years ago. He has never given up on me. Sex is a problem though. I have no sexual feelings. But he hasn’t said anything about it.

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I was married for 25 years, but it didn’t feel much like a relationship. Since I had not ever dated before, I didn’t have anything to compare it with.

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I’m 24. I’ve never dated or have been in a relationship, and have no plans to.:smiley: I love my life just how it is.


I have had some one night stands that I shouldn’t have had… oh well… I also have accepted that I will be single for the rest of my life.

I’ve been in only one long term relationship - four years. I found it disatisfactory. She talked constantly about things I wasn’t interested in. I’ve been in a few week long relationships, though.

I was married for 24 years. I reckon it is a good relationship and I was just lucky for having met a good man as husband. Hope all of you are lucky on meeting the right one.

I am 42 Years of age
I have been on dates with several men when I was in early 20s. since then I have been completely single. I got ill since teenage years so that was a time when most people were making new friends, going uni and loosing their virginity. I missed out on all that.
at the age of 42 and no social life I doubt I will find “the one” which I sometimes feel sad about. mostly I would at least like to find friends so I can go out socially and holidays traveling etc. I have a couple of friends but most of them are in partnerships and have kids etc.

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Sorry to hear that,it must be very difficult for you

I’ve been married for two and a half years when I was in my mid thirties. After my divorce I never got involved again. I’m now 47 and I’ve accepted that I’ll be single for the rest of my life.

I’ve been in 3 major relationships. The last one was for 4 years. Unfortunately, my partner broke up with me when my sz symptoms flared for a few months. It was heartbreaking.

I’ve dated a little since then, but I haven’t found the right match. And I’ve found that dating takes WAY more energy than I have to give right now.

So I anticipate being single for many years now. And I’m ok with that. Its a good feeling to feel content with what you have.



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I have been single now over four years…yikes how the time flies by!

This happened because the only women I dated in my 20’s were people I met in treatment programs and the last treatment program I checked into was all male :frowning:

It’s not too bad though, being single, you get rather used to it, but I do feel a little lonely now and then.

I had two serious relationships in my life and they were from ages 14 to 16 and then 17 to 19 (21 if u count being just friends with occasional benefits) I loved these two from the depths of my soul and still love them (though not “in love” with them) They are both happily married and one has two children, the one with two children still wears my old Alien Workshop t-shirt to bed at night!?!

I was single for three years in my early 20’s and then dated quite a bit in my mid 20’s but love was not to be, and still has not to have been…(in my 20’s and 30’s at least)

I have pretty much never been in a “relationship” aside from f buddies. I would really like a relationship.

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This is the hardest for me ever, that I will never find someone to love. It really makes me sad, because I need a lot of support and companion to help me recover and feel a bit happy. :frowning:

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Nope, not been in a relationhip. Was on a date once though, and it went bloody awful. I was 18 then and had asked a girl to attend my sisters 21st. Unfortunately it went awful. I should have had a few drinks beforehand to steady me and also to liven me up and loosen my tongue. But nope the conversation wouldn’t come and I sat talking shite with her all nite.

Im 38 now, and don’t care about relationships no more. Im not even bothered that Im a virgin still at 38. Honestly it doesn’t bother me. I think 18 to 25 year age group is the most difficult in life. One has so much to contend with, attempting to find a bird/guy, get a career, get a home of your own. Trust me I think 18-25 is the most difficult time of ones life. The good thing is, is life gets a lot easier.

It’s really sad to hear people having nobody. I can say I’m lucky having supportive family and friends at dormitory where I live when school starts again… The three of us live in one room and we call each other “wives” and talk almost about everything… no need for boyfriend (I have wives)…

Wishing the best for you,

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I just read that people who don’t get married, are probable to die in the age of 60 or less. I understand that, because when someone suffers from loneliness it is very sad for him/her. It’s not that I have nobody. I have my family, but they have their own life and that’s why I am so lonely. I also don’t have very good friends who love me, but the worst is that I can’t find a boyfriend. Thanks for your support though.

Count yourself lucky @Martin,sex is a need for adult,I can’t even find a f buddy,lols

I’m 29, have always been single and to be honest it does bother me yes. It makes me sad actually and then I look at myself and think what is it that I am lacking and to be honest I can’t see what except I have this stupid illness.