Is the software OS marked satisfactory? Poll

  • I think microsoft windows and apple OS (and linux) is better than the menu at a five star restaurant
  • I wish microsoft windows was the only OS on the planet
  • Dang those patent rights! Why can’t we choose from more OS systems? Even atypical antipsychotics comes in more choices!

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I voted for “Dang those patent rights!”

But I haven’t used a desktop computer for years. I just do everything I need on Android now.

I completely hate windows though.

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I use Windows 10 on my Desktop, Windows 11 on my laptop. I also dual boot Ubuntu Linux on both. My phone is Android.

I have limited experience with Apple products. And no experience with Chromebooks.

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Can’t vote. I use Apple products exclusively.

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I’m not really into checking up on technology but I guess it’s very limited choice on the phones as well. It’s pretty much either android or iphone isn’t it?

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I used to hate Windows but Windows 10 does an excellent job at doing what the more popular Linux distros have been doing for years.

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Personal life I use MacOS and work Windows

I don’t want any hassle from tech at home, so that’s why I go for simple ease of use and eco-system connectivity etc

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Thers Linux phones but not much apps.


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