I really don’t think my friend has sz

So one of my friends tries to claim she has bipolar disorder that makes her schizophrenic…?

I don’t think she knows what she’s talking about. Based on being around her, I would believe if she was bipolar maybe… but not schizophrenic… she hasn’t taken meds for years and years she says…

Also there’s been other weird moments where it’s like ?

Idk… maybe I shouldn’t assume she’s lying. I’ve given her the benefit of the doubt for like 5 or 6 years now though… I like her, just sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t be friends with her cause why would you make up that you’re schizophrenic? Just kind of odd to me…

Having mental illness has become very fashionable and edgy.


Maybe she’s schizoaffective.
Or maybe she’s that kind of bipolar where the mania comes with psychosis.


Yeah I’ve used that reasoning… her wording of it is just weird though… like she doesn’t know the proper terms for anything…

If she’s not taking meds, she’s probably not doing much therapy either.
Maybe she just hasn’t learned the proper words to describe what’s happening


Very true… or maybe hasn’t googled a lot of stuff either cause I feel like that’s where I’ve learned a lot of terms from.

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That’s strange - is it so she can bond with you on it?

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Maybe? She didn’t tell me she had schizophrenia until I went through my 1st psychosis and I told her I was diagnosed with sz… sooooo… who knows. Maybe she’s just one of those people that didn’t feel comfortable telling everyone…

Yeah she’s probably trying to get closer to you.
You know … bonding.

Like in my case there is sometimes a fine line between bipolar and schizophrenia.

She may be suffering with bipolar disorder with psychotic features or schizoaffective disorder bipolar type @Human


Hmmm hard to say. Im very well composed if im not episodic.

Maybe she had episodes in the past? Ask her what psychosis episodes she had. Thats prob an easy way to know if shes legit

People end up swapping diagnoses between bipolar and schizoaffective really often on here. It isn’t uncommon. If she hasn’t had any treatment, she might not fully understand the difference between schizophrenia, schizoaffective, and psychosis. When I first got sick, I would mostly tell people I had bipolar because that’s a lot less stigmatized in my social circles.


Recently like for 3 years my problems have become worse a group of girls and guys who follow whatever
this girl Pamela says have been trying to abuse me and creepy women who want my face or body harass me constantly. They put me through so much. I don’t think it’s my illness though.

Sometimes I need real help but I should file a police report or write a book so people know. Or have a YouTube vlog.

i saw someone on reddit that refers to themself as “we” on an sz forum. apparently they have DID but i find it hard to believe that they can be that aware of it yet call themself “we” and im unsure how it relates to sz as well

Idk, she said she’s been diagnosed since before she was even a pre-teen so… I don’t know, maybe she hasn’t gotten much treatment since then so that’s why?

Maybe. If she is trying to remember something from her teenage years, I can see how she might be misremembering or half remembering or maybe misunderstood what she was told at the time. Kids are…I love them, but they are dumb.

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But that doesn’t really explain to me how she could be symptom free for the last 10 years without meds… like I thought we basically had to be on meds or we had symptoms…?

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I think shes mostly trying to relate to you. Which is good

Definitely… and I’m sure things have changed medically too since the early 2000’s…

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Yeah that is strange.
Maybe she has a mild case of bipolar.
The non psychotic kind that doesn’t require meds?

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