I Quit my job

Just left. Didn’t said anything to the bosses. Took my stuff talked with hr and left

I feel awful. Guilty. My boss called my telling me I should at least told them…

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I think they think I’m hiding something

Sorry to hear, I wish u luck and fulfillment in finding a better job.

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Sounds like an impulsive decision made after a period of dissatisfaction with your job.

Typically, two weeks’ notice is preferred-- at least in the States.

One time, I lost my patience with an old manager and said “Just keep talking down to me like you always fuucking do.”

…This was at a job making teddy bears for kids, of all places :upside_down_face:

Needless to say, I quickly apologized and put in my two weeks’ right on the spot.

Anyways, shiit happens and sometimes we just can’t take it anymore.

Never good to burn bridges if you can help it, though.

…Do you think this was an impulsive or a manic decision? Or, were you just at your breaking point?


It was a breaking point. I talked about this for months but always found reasons to stay because I want to be responsible

I think I did the right decision but under the wrong circumstances,which is why I feel bad.

I think I wanted to burn that bridge,just to never go back again

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Fair enough.

It’s defos not the end of the world if one just up and quits their job without notice.

Just doesn’t look too good with the employer is all.

And it might be difficult to get a positive reference from them if you decide to go looking for new work later on.

How long were you there for?

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I feel your pain

Myself I am about to do exactly this

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Luckily enough nobody ask for references at low level jobs in romania.

Today was my 7 month anyversary


I feel you man. I didn’t want to end up like the people there.

I could have handle it but some weeks ago they move me from one place to another which was worst

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Much appreciated man

What was your job?

Also, moves within companies can be tricky. Sometimes they don’t always lead to good outcomes.

Seven months is a decent stretch of time to figure out if you like the work or not.

As far as not wanting to end up like the people you worked with, I totally get that.

I used to work at a bank, and these people were straight-up vultures.

Vowed to never become one.

Anyways, what will you be doing now?

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What do you mean by the people there?

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I still Want to work and keep working, the tricky thing is to find something I like doing.

I used to be a cashier and I liked it, as we speak I’m searching for cashier jobs around my area, so I think I will be doing that for some time


Angry and Unsatisfied with life, but fearful of making a change

Yep, that’s key.

Cashiering would be cool-- it’s a little repetitive at times, but you get decent social interaction and it’s not the worst job out there by any means.

Well, good luck with your new job search :dizzy:


Most people fall into that I am afraid

Seems more like a majority than a minority

It’s paid slavery


Thank you @Schztuna here’s a tedy bear for you


Pay-to-live lol