Lost My Job. !$#!@#$!

I lost my #$!#$! job today.

What a way to celebrate independence day! My taking a step in the direction of possibly losing my independence. :frowning:

I don’t even feel comfortable telling a prospective employer why I felt I had to quit, because that would involve saying something very bad about a former employer, and, as 'What Color Is Your Parachute" indicates, saying something bad about a previous employer will make most employers reject the person as a candidate.

I HATE looking for employment when I don’t currently have a job. I haven’t had to do that in about 6 years now. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia about 7 years ago, so part of my recovery involved feeling secure and employed, in my opinion.

When you don’t have a job and are looking for one, employers tend to look at you as a less ‘scarce’ and valuable resource. It violates the ‘scarcity’ technique of influence or marketing as described in the book 'Influence - Science and Practice" by Dr. Cialdini.

Maybe I can get lucky enough to get paid for a little software freelance job, and I can tell prospective employers that I left to try to become a freelance software developer. I was considering that long before I quit.

I just don’t know what I’m going to do. I surely hope that I don’t have another psychotic episode.

Maybe I should ask my psychiatrist to increase my medication as a precaution?

I’m so angry and concerned for my future right now! :frowning:

(Edit) And, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stand the pain in my mother’s eyes when she finds out I had to quit. :frowning: (End edit)


im very sorry too hear that
try too believe that whenever an option closes, other options will apear.
i whish you all the best.


Thanks. I’ll try to maintain hope and sanity. :slight_smile:

you will sort something out
best of luck to you

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Thanks for the vote of confidence. :slight_smile:

I’m not sorry to hear of this, but I am sorry it happened to you.

Sorry that I heard of it sounds like I’m better off not hearing of it thus better off not knowing of your problems. That’s not right.

I ended up being unemployed due to my nightmarish circumstances. I started my own little self employed business as an Electronic Test Jig designer and manufacturer. My first job impressed those who were my first customers that they asked me to work full time for them with a decent salary to go with it

So don’t give up…

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Thanks. That is an encouraging story. :slight_smile:

When I use to move into new neighborhoods my doctor would prescribe Ativan for me on a PRN basis until I got acclimated to my surroundings. Moving is stressful and so is job hunting. Maybe you could use an employment agency to help you find a new job. My understanding is that all a prospective employer can do when checking your references is to ask your old employer if you were actually employed there.The prospective employer can not ask the reason why you are no longer working there and an old employer can not offer that information. This is my understanding anyway. I’m sure you can find multiple websites that will tell you what to say to a prospective employer in your situation when he asks why you no longer work at your previous job. It’s not good to outright lie on a resume but you can fudge the facts in your favor or skirt the issue in a way to make yourself look good. I would be angry and concerned too. You sound like a professional. All my jobs have been unskilled; I know it’s hard to find work even at my level so I know why you are worried about your future. I wish you good luck. The book “What Color is Your Parachute” has a lot of good ideas. Every little bit helps, right?


Thanks! Maybe I will try an employment agency or even a career coach. A career coach has helped me before (I was employed at the time, though).

I’m sorry you lost your job, maybe the fact that you were at your job for so long may help you when looking for your job. It looks like your a stable worker.

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Hrmmmm. A high-ranking person at the company just called me and asked me to come back to work for them. Apparently they think that I misunderstood my supervisor during my resignation conversation.

I’ll try working for them for a while more in hopes that I can find another job while still employed.

Tragedy averted, I hope. Thanks everyone for their encouraging comments. :slight_smile:


Hey if it helps making you feel better; I lately lost my job too…don’t feel bad, sometimes it’s for the best, you’ll get a better job and a better life, just don’t worry about it and everything is going to be alright…as it’s happening to me too. Good luck to u and I guess this is your chance to develop your career and life.


at least that was a cool outcome, good on you.
take care

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Sounds like you made the decision that you needed to. Hope the job hunt is short and painless!


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Glad the crisis was averted. I’m glad your still employed, you have a lot on your plate at the moment. At least now you can look for a job while you have a job.


I missed that. Good to hear! Good luck. :smile:


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i am so glad it turned out well,at least for the moment

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Well, I quit on July 4th, and today, almost 2 months later, after they asked me to keep working, they decided that they found a reason to fire me.

I’ve quit a lot of jobs. Maybe about 15-20? Only 3 employers have been petty and dishonest enough to tell me long after the fact, “Oh no! You can’t quit us! We’ve decided, after you told us you quit, that we fire you instead!” Some companies can be so ridiculously petty and dishonest. Notice that I do not give their names, because I try not to say bad things about previous employers.

Oh well. It has happened before, and I’ve still rebuilt my career before. If they claim to a future employer that I was terminated, I still have email evidence that I sent to them that I quit on July 4th. So, I quit on July 4th, and worked for 2 months after that because they asked me to. That’s my story, and I have evidence to prove it, and to disprove their story.

Now, I’m in the unfortunate position of looking for work while I do not have a job. I got out of this hole once before though.

Thanks for letting me vent. :slight_smile:

If you were terminated, can’t you file for unemployment benefits? Just a little something to hold you over until you find a new job.

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I believe in that. I got myself fired from a job 20 years ago where I was making $7 an hour… Like that money was anything…barely got by… and had no time to look for other work because when you work full time and have family and other obligations there is simply no time to look for better jobs…
So yay, I got fired, and took a break for a few weeks and spent time in the woods and went to church… and after 6 weeks someone came to me in the church and offered me a construction job, where I made like $800 take home my first week… over 3 times what i was making at that other crappy job with an anal company president. And i enjoyed the construction and painting job.