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Hello Forumers.

Please, ask away.

and please, introduce yourself kindly.

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Hello aYlias .

You are something special.

No Matter What … ,

e(Y)e Will Always Miss You.

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New Pyramid

() Evn When You Walk to tha Fridge to Eat a Taco ()

() Evn When You Go to tha Store to Pick Up Some Chips ()

() Evn When You Go to tha Bathroom to Fix Your Hair ()

(TBC) - (Because I always will and truly do, Love you) - (TBC)


Trying to understand this topic.

L.O.V.E. (positive)




I have only ever witnessed L.O.V.E. (Negative).
Someone please show me where this alleged positive is, because I could really use some.

e(Y)e Am Curious Here … ,

WHY On Earth Within thus Beautiful Blue Bubble Would You Even Think of that Word (???)


“a ledge ed” … ,

He is a Great Guitarist.

whenever i think of L.O.V.E (Negative) i think of guilt trips. And that’s not real love. That’s manipulation.

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What is THAT , is that Bad (OR) Good (???)

It’s bad. It’s always bad.

Why Would ANYONE Do that to SOmeone they Love (???)

Selfish attention whoring.

What Does that Evn Mean (???)

(of an incident or a person) said, without proof, to have taken place or to have a specified illegal or undesirable quality.
“the alleged conspirators"
synonyms: supposed, so-called, claimed, professed, purported, ostensible, putative, unproven
"did Mr. Ramirez tell you what time this alleged crime took place?”

Some people realy know how to play on the emotions of the sensitive to get their own way. They don’t care who they hurt.
These days love seems to confused with seeing what you can get from another person.

Well @bunny … ,

Take Webster to His Bedroom and Tell Him to Get Some Sleep … ,

Thee Adults Are Chatterboxing … … …

Cool SonggG (by) PINK FLOYD .

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Ok let’s break it down.


To think of only one self.

Attention whore.

To do things only for attention.

Now why someone would guilt trip a person would be to get attention placed on themselves. Therefore, they are selfish-attention-whoring.

Webster stepped in to help you with your obvious confusion over the word.

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Wondering Here … ,

Hmmm … ,

Wonder Wonder Wonder … ,

e(Y)e Am Wondering and Wondering … ,

It’s Me Wondering Brah … ,

How Do , No … ,

Why do , No … ,

e(Y)e Mean … ,

Awww Shucks … ,

e(Y)e Guess e(Y)e’ll Jus Lissen to NIRVANA (!!!) .

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