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Hello there ,

e(Y)e have another Question … ,

Simplistic … ,

Does anyone Feel L(Y)Ke no matter what it is (good) , No matter How Good they are , no one Cares (???) ,

Does that kind of Result lead to Slightly (OR) Great mistakes from tha Victims of indifference (???) ,

and e(Y)e have thus belief that we all Have Been there Before … ,

A Victim of indifference … ,

No matter how Close to Perfection our Behavior is , NO ONE CARES . . . ,

Keep taking meds , , ,

Don’t Speak to yourself , , ,

Don’t do that , do thus … ,

So no matter how Tough you’ve Become , Constantly Fighting tha Good Fight … ,

Do you Still feel Completely alone (???) ,

and do you Suppose that in and of itself leads to Violence , From tha Victims (???) ,

and in no way am e(Y)e Saying Violence is thee answer … ,

There’s always a Better way , Where no one is a Victim … … …


How would u even be close to perfection… it’s in the eye of the beholder… so what u see as good another may not, it could be like a blow off whatever kinda thing, so if u feel like ur doing good u should take pride in urself…

What if thee idea of Pride Doesn’t Sit well with Someone’s Commonsense … ,

Some things Should always be apart of life … ,

So waiting for Someone (OR) Something to be Proud of you , may be a Dead end that will Focus on onli Psychological Pain … … … ,

Even if it onli Comes From yourself , Pride Can Seem Pointless and useless as No one else even Cares .

What if there was no-one else, u lived on an island without anyone, if u didn’t feel love for urself, ud probly end ur life, so even though it may not feel like the type of pride that makes the chest swell, it’s a humble pride that keeps life moving, the slight feeling of worth whileness

What if Wilson Didn’t Float away (???) ,

In that Deep Blue Sea … ,

That Carayzee Cool Guy Needed Human Contact … ,

No matter How much He Fought , it wasn’t enough … ,

Something outside of himself , is what he was Praying for … ,

A Sense of Being Saved (by) tha Peoples , Outside of his own Skin … … …

So the powers that be tell us: do such and such, meet this standard, reach this benchmark, etc. Then we do so and feel a lack of reward. The accomplishment feels hollow. I think that’s usually because the original standard was hollow and imposed upon us to begin with. That’s why everyone buys more and more things and never meets satisfaction, just the desire to buy more stuff. The authorities are always trying to sell us one thing or another, even trying to sell our own souls back to us.

Its still something inside that wants the outside contact, if it wasn’t for a love of self than there’d be no need to want outside compliments, it’s the fact of reassurance of ur own love

Yes, I think we don’t make sense to ourselves except in relation to others. Other people teach us how to be loving / happy / etc etc… imo…

Strange and Slightly Unusual , For what we Feel is Lost … ,

Interesting thot … ,

Can you Still Feel whatchoo Cannot See (???)

Curious how in her smile e(Y)e find evidence of tha soul , something I have yet to find in any of the religious texts.

I can’t see chaos but I can feel insane, I cannot see pain from a broken heart but I still feel injured… and I can’t see the love I feel for self but I still feel the pull of life wanting me to find it, knowing its always a breath away…

@ATARI you are really cool! a singular perspective. take care. :ant:

So what happens if there are many different explanations that other people give, it’s than in ur hands to pick and knit together what makes sense of self, and in that process u define urself…

Yes! That’s it. It’s a back and forth process. We create each other.

What if people do care, but you refuse to believe it because it’s not in the form you think it should be?
What if?

Yap Yap ,

Completely interesting … … …

We were defined before ever being born, there is nothing new under the sun, all thoughts have been expressed, it’s just putting them in different orders or adding two together to try and advance… so foremost one tends to put self first and last, to survive and to feel love…

Sad thing is most folks don’t recognize the love they have available to them because they thonk it should look like something else.

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e(Y)e have thus Strange Belief that we Sorta Chose our Future before we were Born … ,

It Starts out in a Peaceful Garden with God and many other Peeps … ,

and a Shed with two Doors that no one even thinks about as it Sits in tha Garden , Quiet and alone … ,

Then after Being Struck (by) Curiosity , each of us asks God what is that thing over there … ,

God Says Something L(Y)Ke , you can go in if you want but you’ll be leaving the garden … ,

So of Course , we Decide to go into it … ,

Where there’s a large table Holding what looks L(Y)Ke Cd Booklets , with Completely Original artwork … ,

God Says ,

choose one and go throo tha backdoor .

So we Look around and Choose one , that Seems Really Cool … ,

and God Says Something L(Y)Ke , go throo tha backdoor to live that life … ,

and we all do … ,

Our memories of Such is erased and we Start over , in thus life … … …

I think if u don’t love urself first u can’t except love from the outside, being against oneself isolates the emotions u can feel to negative ones… and even feelings of love from others are turned negative and can even be switched to feelings of hate…