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(((Long Post)))

I Have Noticed That When I Am Kind To Someone They (if they cared about me before) They Cared Zero To Little Afterwards … ,

" you want em when they don’t want you , soon as they do feelings change " - Eminem

Altho That Quote Seems To Be Flipped and Inside Out With Tha Subject e(Y)e’m Trying To Bring Up … ,

Maybe Naught , I’m Slightly Tie Red …

So I have Found Out That If I Am Uninterested In A Gurl and I Wander My Thots Near Them , I Seem To Be Cool To Them … ,

Altho When I Suddenly Change My Perspective and Welcome Them In , They Instantly Don’t Guve A Shazz Anymore …

So It’s A Strange Balance Between Love and Pain … , Possibly A Stepping Stone Towards Love and Hate … ,

Altho I Keep Thinking Of Indifference …Or Thaz Jus A Shortcut To Those Who Fynde Any Slightly “deeper” Thot To be A Sign Of Some Sort Of Weakness … , OR Possibly To Much Trouble For One Who Would Lyke To Keep It Physical , Without Tha Whole Relationship Canoe …

I Honestly Don’t Know … ,

I have Learned As I Was Within A Forest Many Years Ago , That If e(Y)e Were To Lift Weights and Smoke Tha Ganja As I Lifted Weights , I Would Be Mr . ShmexXxie and Some Of Tha Gurls Would Enter Into My Zone With Nothing But Sex and A Wild Sexual Nature … , and I Suppose It’s Tha Sayme As A Guy Seeing A Shape Of A ShmexXxie Gurl , Who Is Naturally Fit and The Guys Can’t Help But Drool … ,

So In A Sense Why Am e(Y)e Complaining (???) ,

Get back Into Lifting Weights , and ■■■■ Every hawttie I Fynde At Tha Nearest Bar … ,

Problem Is , I Need More … ,

A Conversation Is What I Have Actually Prayed For but I Am , As Always Completely Misunderstood and OR Some Sort Of Loser That Doesn’t Understand He Is Completely Unwanted … ,

So I Suppose , Get Over It and Write Some More Nonsensical Songs , Which No One Will Care About OR Even Lissen Too … ,

Pity Party I Suppose … ,

So I Suppose My Question is … ,

Is Love , A Faith For (THA ONE!!!) , Some Sort OF True Love , is It Worth Tha Wait (???) ,

OR Should e(Y)e Give Up On Possible Fantasy Dreams That Always Turn Into Nightmares … ,

Or Shall I Ask Someone Out There For Some Sort Of Advice On What It Is A Beautiful Woman Really Wants … ,

Love Is Love = Awesome & Beautiful = Tha Gurl Of Your Dreams (something That (even as an older man STILL Believe in)) ,

Pain Is Pain = It Hurts , Thee End … ,

So Does One Jump Deep Into tha $INGUlArIT(Y) PUrP0$e and Love His Fun With ■■■■ Buddies (???) ,

OR Should He Web Up His Fountain Of Patience and Search Quietly High and Low For THA ONE (!!!) ,

Which Leads (to me I think) Tha Real and Fake … ,

and If One Is Honest To Himself I Suppose It’s Real , No Matter His Choice … ,

I Didn’t Even Think Of Having My Own Family Til Tha Mid Late Last Year … , Then Tha Gray Sky Caused Some Early Forming Depression , That e(Y)e Tried To Fight Off With , What I Consider Current Oceanic Society Dreams , That Has NOTHING To Do With My Truth Of What I Feel To Be Honest Dreams For Her and For Me… ,

Even Tho I Feel As If e(Y)e Already LOST Tha One… ,

N E Hoo (peace is weakness) … ,

Or So They Say …

Witch Rhymes Wit (???)

Love and Pain … ,

So To Clear Away Tha Webbing Here … ,

My Question Is Thus , Pretty Much To All Tha Femaluse … ,

If One Has Been Turned Down Over and Over and Over , Does That Mean He Should Jus Give Up His Dream Of Tha One … , OR Is Tha One Thing Jus A Hollywood Dream (???) ,

I Fall In Love Easily , but As I Creep Older , I Yet To Feel Tha Way I D(Y)D Years Back … , Almost To Tha Point That I Feel , As If e(Y)e Should Turn Away and Speak Nothing More To Tha Female Population and Jus Gather Fun Buddies and Such … Altho Tha Guilt Would Be Heavy To Treat Such With Such Negative Alluring … If Evn Possible These Days … ,

I Honestly (im rambling now) Feel As If I Am Ten Years Behind …

Man if you learned to not capitalize all your words I could totally read what you wrote! :slight_smile:

I Am Beyond That One Yo …

I’m just saying. It’s quite difficult to read my friend. I know it is your unique way of writing but paragraphs of it are just way too difficult.

It’s Naught So Much Me Going Out Of My Way To Be “Original” … ,

It’s Jus How I Started Bleeding and Tha Blood Nvr Stopped Dripping … ,

So e(Y)e Feel At Home With Such Personal Grafeetee … ,

Side - Tracked Slightly … ,

I Fynde It Amazing That People Fynde It Weird OR Tough To Read …

Started bleeding. So you mean when you became diagnosed sz or this is something you did during psychosis?

I Kinda Left Earth When I Was Diagnosed … ,

When I Say “bleeding” I Mean When Evrything Within Electronical Etching Became Someone Elses Toy Gayme Fun At My Expense … ,

All As e(Y)e Was Falling In Love During My Non-Med-Compliance … ,

I Morphed and Morphed and Morphed and Morphed Until I Was Getting Slowly Close To Where I Am Now … ,

Tha Changed Completely Finished Spinning Close On Thus Syte … ,

I Suppose Tha Long Story Short IS THUS … ,

There Is A Group Of Individuals That Don’t Want Me To Fynde My OR a Gurl … ,

Which Is Unusually Honestly Unusual and Freaky and Dumb As ■■■■ … ,

So I Say Bleeding … ,

Cause They Sucked Me Dry …

Sorta During Everything All At Once …

Ah yeah gotchya.

Thanks for sharing

1.) Example , How D(Y)D You Get Me and Where Am e(Y)e Going (???)

Is Thus An Equalization To Anyone … (???) ,

Love = Pleasure = Two

Pain = Suffering = One

It’s Close but It Seems Incorrect …

Tha “pain” One Seems Almost To Poetic … ,

and Tha “love” One Skips To Far With Tha Numbah … ,

Im Bored .

Your going somewhere but no one knows for sure.

Yeah They Nevah Know … ,

Whanna Hear A SonggG I Dedicate To Tha Loved Once Of My Lyfe (???)

Sure man post it

Ok ,

But First You Have To Answer Thus One Question … ,

2+2= (?)

Four fore IIII

Close Enough (!!!) ,

Please Enjoi …


I know what’s up.

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Awww Shnapple Mc Bapple (!!!) ,

levelJ1 You Got Some Work ta Dew Yo Yo …

I learned in thai language the number 5 I’d pronounced HA . So inside joke when something Is funny is 5555555

Which One Is Your Favorite Word (???) ,

and Don’t Say (ULTRA GIRLS) … ,