I Need to hear something positive from you guys

Any good news? Has anyone had any accomplishments or success lately? Anything positive?
Nothing much here, that’s why I’m asking. But I’m in one of those moods where I think I am doing too well. But I can’t be the only one who is doing good. I need to hear other success stories to encourage me so I know it’s possible to do good. I’ve heard so many negative things that it is making me doubt myself. I need to hear other people are beating the odds. Negativity is often reality, plain and simple. It’s not a wonderful world 24-7. But does anyone else hear negative stuff on here and think, ‘Well that’s the way it really is". Because it’s not. I get discouraged and negative too. But you know what brings me out of it? Hearing the great accomplishments that you guys achieve. I feel like giving up or giving in and then I hear about Jayne Beal cleaning her house and walking her dogs in the woods, “And I think, Hey, that’s a good accomplishment. If she can do that, then I can certainly take a walk around the neighborhood”. Or I hear of Mortimer leading a normal life and it encourages me. , "If he can do it then I must be capable of it too’ I hear surprisedj dealing with his life and I think it’s great… In fact i was complaining about my life to my sister a few months ago and I was saying how shitty it is and she told me, “Hey, you’re leading a normal life”. And she’s right! I go work, I take a class(online) I take care of all my business. I live on my own, I manage my money. I have a car too. Are you getting what I mean? Sorry about all the rambling,



I look up to you a lot. I read your simple post about how easy you make cooking sound so I got brave and gave it a try and with some hit or miss, it’s a skill I’m learning. It’s also made a big difference here at our little home. Because I’m cooking for myself more, I feel like I’m looking after myself and my kid sis can be a sis, not a maid, not a baby sitter, but a sister. My cooking has changed a lot of other things.

My kid sis has taken a extra hour at work here and there because she doesn’t feel she has to rush home and make my lunch or dinner any more. Because I can make it myself. With her taking on just one more swim lesson or just teaching just one more water ex class, she’s been getting more money. Also, with me cooking more, I don’t just order a pizza. That saves money and I’ve been loosing a bit of weight, and feeling even better. Nick, you’ve inspired a small yet big change in our little family.

I was also inspired by your going to school. Then you told me that most schools have a students with disabilities office and they helped me out a lot and so I think I did pretty well on these first two classes. In fact I got some solid good grades on my english papers. Thank you again for the knowledge. The lady in that office never got tired of me or all my questions nor did she get loose her patience when I had to asked her AGAIN how to navigate the Canvas site to even get to my assignments. So with that little piece of info you gave me… my first quarter of college ever was a bit of a ride, but not impossible.

You might be living a normal life, but your a very inspiring guy. The life you had was far from ordinary. I feel you’re like me in the fact that you beat the odds not just addiction, but the ephemera of addiction… like the dealers, the fellow users, the out of control circumstances it takes to even score… We are all lucky to be alive.

I’m really happy with what I’m learning and what is changing in my life for the better.

Now you mention you manage your own money. I don’t do that yet… But I’m learning. I have a class coming up in a few weeks to give me some ideas. My sis knows how to pay rent and bills and taxes, I don’t; but I’ll be learning. The more I self manage, the less I feel like a family pet. If I’m the adult in my life, then my kid sister doesn’t have to be.

I also think sometimes… “Oh no, things are going too good, it’s going to crash” But if I live right, it has a better chance of not crashing.

Nick, thank you for your ideas, your straight talk and the life you share with us. It really has helped me.


The good news for me is that I am getting a long better with my brother and now my sister in law. She reaches out to text me lately. We are closer now and this makes me feel better. Also I drove to the other side of town to a store I seldom go to, its further down. I also went to a new section of my town, drove by myself too


Well thanks surprisedj I’m glad I helped. Once you get started on a meal it’s not as hard as it seems. You’re an interesting and funny guy, I hope you keep doing well. I see similarities in us, of course we both have cool sisters, and we both kicked drugs. But other things too. I will also say this: don’t be intimidated by money matters. Just a hint: It helps if you save receipts and write things down. And I’m confident that you can learn to do your own taxes. The forms are self-explanatory. But don’t put pressure on yourself about it. It was hard for me too my first time but my dad helped me. Anyway, good luck to you and kidsis. I really liked the story about the cop by the way. I will see you around.

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I got a good news to share,I am now as usual working out but I have been into the sport badminton a lot also,I don’t know if it’s popular in The Us but in Asia it’s popular and I have improve and gain insight of my skill and it’s fun just when you play better,I hope to improve but still I am playing not very well but least I gained insight of the game


Yeah, badminton is fun. So is volleyball. Good for you.

All this is really good news. I’m so glad you and your brother and even the sister-in-law are getting a long better. Your getting out and expanding your parameter.

My sis would take that as a very positive sign… I would call her when I was lost and she would sound surprised that I made it as far out as I did, but then she would say she was proud of me for “expanding my parameter.”

You are taking a small but large step. It’s hard to do. But once your comfortable with going that far, it’s a little easier to gear up and go a tiny bit farther. :thumbsup:

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I just finished a 30 hour Continuing Nursing Education course on advanced cardiovascular life support. It’s a requirement every 2 years for me to renew my license.

It’s a very tough course, with lots of treatment algorithms and pharmacology. But I aced it!

I’m actually feeling pretty proud of myself today.




Congratulations.This is the kind of stuff I like to hear.


:tada: :fireworks: :smile: A very huge congratulations on acing the test. That is excellent news.

I think you have a lot of reason to feel proud of yourself everyday. I am proud of you too… :thumbsup:

I hope you do something special to celebrate this event.

I’m really happy for you.

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Congratulations Anthony! Good for you

Thanks Nick, J, and Wave! You guys are great supporters :slight_smile:

I actually am planning on celebrating with my close friends this evening. They’ve been great at motivating me through this course, and I feel they deserve a dinner on me!




I want to write something.

I gave my mom half of my earnings this month, as I’m doubling my income. Mom is obviously happy for a few days. She counted and found out it is actually more than anything she has received. This is what I really wanted to do. I want to be generous to my mom. She is paying for everything. (Actually mom returned half of the cash to me. I will give it to her next time.) We went to an inexpensive restaurant on my birthday.  We can go for a better one but we chose it for some reasons it would fit for us. They are actually happy. We enjoyed a good time.

Another thing, I attended to family dinner for two more times and kept trying to act calm and talk to them a bit. Last time, one of my sibling and my in-law talked to me. Tonight, another sibling and in-law were talking to me again. I think all of us are adjusting. It is getting much better.

And then, the employer offers a full time job in the office to me. I want to try but I don’t think I can keep working 6 full days a week every week. I am tempted to do so but I know I can’t manage. I receive a very good suggestion from my friend today, to counter-propose a part time arrangement, working 3-4 full days per week. I think I could manage that and it would be much more beneficial to my recovery.

And then I keep searching and find two institutes providing trade related certificate courses to adult learner. The courses are free of charge. They also provide a monthly subsidize to the attendees. If I get better, I can consider one of them. Some of the courses are designed for people with mental illness. Some of them are not. Some of them would put you into jobs too. So there is a potential to pick up a new trade.

Lastly, I think I am teaming up with my visiting nurse. I’m getting along better with my mom and my friends. Both sides of us are getting better. A friend of mine just rent a small field for planting and invite me to plant together. She said the more we meet the better. So, for those of you who read my posts, I wish you would be happy with my report. Thank you for all of your support.


I’m VERY happy for you. I wish you good luck and keep us posted with any related news. The more sucess, the better.

I went to my medicaid re-determination interview by myself, i handled it pretty well.

Cool. Good for you…

if only i had what you have got i would be a much better man,

seriously tho i will probably never have a full time job and earn what i need, i havent got a car or a proper house, i have been living off of the government almost my entire life, i’m lucky if i can do the dishes or go shopping when i should and i dont even shower or shave as much as i need.

you seem like a nice guy and i like to read your posts, they are always worth reading,

you are a fighter and you are beating this disease.

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Well, thanks Daydreamer. I wish you we doing as good a you want. But hey, at least you went to school, right? Give yourself credit. Rest up for yuour next endeavor, your next adventure.

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If you have a smart phone many banks have online apps that allow you to track recent purchases and your balance so you don’t go over.
There is this guy named Dave Ramsey who has a talk show and books on how to manage money. He is trying to help people get out of debt, so he explains stuff in a pretty basic manner (have an emergency fund of at least 3-4 months of expenses {might be more, I don’t remember exactly}, how to start a retirement account, and all that other stuff. He is also very understanding of mental illness, so if you want to call in he’s pretty cool. One woman called in and said her husband had just binge spent their entire emergency fund and got them back into debt. He suggested that maybe it had to do with some sort of mental disorder (the husband had done this several times) in a very cool nonjudgmental way) and recommended that he get counseling rather than having her get mad at him.
The wife denied that he did and Ramsey didn’t push the issue because he said “you know him best”. I think that if you had a question that you wanted to call or email him about that he didn’t cover in his book or on his show he would be pretty cool. I listen to him all the time, so if you want to read a money management book, I would recommend him.

I have written a little today. Only two paragraphs so far, but it’s something. I’ve been having a bit of a block since I started getting on here. I guess because I can say things here and be understood without being reduced to allegories and metaphors. I have to write for a class I’m in though. But all in all, not a bad thing.