So today I did..... (ongoing topic of goals)

Continuing the discussion from Does anyone want to do a ongoing topic where we talk about our daily goals?:

I said I would do this.
Thing’s I can check off…
Today, took meds,
Got the answering machine back in order so it can answer the phone for me
Folded yesterdays laundry and put it away
Went through all our books to donate to the yearly library book sale.

Going to do…
I’m going to make breakfast for the kid and I
Swim at Noon. (I won’t be able to do this when work amps up again.)
The kid and I are going to go see our brother in Rehab
Around 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. on a friday, we do our grocery shopping for the week. (stores are never busy then.)


I made a cottage pie and did the washing up.

so far i’ve fed and watered the animals. that’s it. today though i am going to visit my brother and his family and have dinner with them at my mum’s house, depending on whether it’s safe t drive or not. we’re having some serious floods in the uk at the moment. then when we get back i have to put a dry on, sort the clothes, put a wash on, do my room, change the bed, and tidy the lounge and also have a shower and brush my teeth before any of that. oh and of course i let the dogs out into the garden. though i haven’t taken them to the woods bc of the weather atm.


Today has been a busy day already!

I woke up and had some coffee. Cut my hair. Showered. Then paid all the bills for the month.

I’m very happy about the social security cost of living adjustment this year! It’s only a 1.5% increase, but it definitely helps to pay the bills!

Going to relax for a bit, and then work on taking my walk.




today i have been looking online for things to do with my woodwork, i’ve been trying to find some short weekend furniture building courses that i could do as a sort of refresher course to bring me up to scratch you know but i couldnt find anything so it looks like i will just have to wing it (when i’m in the mood) and try and do it myself, i know i can do it but i have forgotten a lot of stuff but i should be able to fill in the blanks tho if i can get some good proper plans and designs that i like it should be alright. the magazines i saw in the shop yesterday for woodwork were not good, so i will look online x

i also went to the bank and i found out that money had been taken from my account without my knowledge and i am hoping to get it back, cant believe it really they are a bunch of con men.

I’ve been cleaning around the house a lot more. Went to the store and bought groceries for everyone. I also cut my hair and colored it black!


Today I took my morning meds. I shoveled a part of the driveway. I have to finish shoveling the driveway, and take my dinnertime meds, and nightime meds. And, of course brush my teeth and take a shower (it’s been three days).

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Made it through another day of work, made dinner and let the cat in the house.

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Took my mom to her Dr’s appointment, door to door service, including pushing her in those fun wheeliechairs so she didn’t have to walk. Took her grocery shopping, put away her groceries. Came home so mom can nap, later I will cook up dinner at my house and take it over for all of us to eat together, wash her dishes, laundry if needed, sweep floors.


went into town and did the monthly grocery shop , i love food !
take care

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Went to work. Got home and made some phone calls. I got in a car accident that was my fault a week ago. And now I have to deal with my insurance company and the other parties. No one was hurt, it was just stupid. Avoidable. Also a couple weeks ago I went down to my car early in the morning to go to work and it wouldn’t start. I had left the lights on overnight and the battery was dead. But I always sign up for a towing/road service every year when I renew my car insurance. I get 5 free tows, jumps, or gas brought to me if I run out of gas anywhere. Other services too. Anyway I called my road service and they sent a tow truck. When it came to pay I didn’t know the procedure. I knew my service was supposed to pay but the tow driver didn’t know how they were supposed to pay him so I put it on my credit card. Now I’m in the process of getting reimbursed. More phone calls and forms to fill out and mail. My vet called with the results of my cats blood test. The test plus a flea prevention shot cost $120.00. Well, they want to run one more test for an additional $71.00. And they told me he lost weight which is good because he was overweight for months until this last diet he’s on. So now I will be able to fed him regular, cheaper food instead of IAMS weight control formula. It’s expensive. Anyway, I took a long time to tell a little. Phone calls and work.


I love food too. It’s just me here, so everything in my house is what I like. I don’t HAVE to eat anything I don’t like. I went years with having to eat what other people fixed, whether I liked it or not. NOW, I’m planning on never eating eggplant, zucchini, or broccoli again. Lol.


.[quote=“77nick77, post:12, topic:1401”]
so everything in my house is what I like. I don’t HAVE to eat anything I don’t like. I went years with having to eat what other people fixed, whether I liked it or not. NOW, I’m planning on never eating eggplant, zucchini, or broccoli again
George H.W. Bush said something like that when he was President

I cleaned up the kitchen.


Fought with people at group therapy.

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Put Christmas stuff back up in the attic and read a short story. Did housework and got chewed out by my wife for not doing more housework.


yeah , i never want to see another choko ever again , never ever ever.
i do not care whether it is steamed , fried , sauteed , baked, or even dunked in custard or chocolate just to disguise the flavour ! ( yuk ) !
take care

I bought a new pair of shoes (size 12).

I’m about to go for a very long (2 to 3 hr) walk to try em’ out.

Previously, I walked in sandals, which really wasn’t good.

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this is a good topic. Thanks for posting it.

Today I made coffee, read my Bible and prayed.,ordered my annual Blog Book (it’s a service that prints your blog into a book. Because it would be huge if I did it all at once, since 2007,I’ve been printing out a year at a time.I think my daughter would like to have them once I’m gone.

On my TO DO list today,

  1. Put away laundry
  2. Brush teeth 3x today (because I have Sjogrens Disease I am supposed to brush following anything I eat)
    3)put in eyedrops (for Glaucoma) and take my other meds
  3. I really SHOULD take a shower…it’s been awhile…I did take one sometime this week but it’s been a while and I need one. I was trying to hold out til tomorrow when I probably will go to church…but I will either have to take one two days in a row or just just go without one tomorrow.
  4. cook dinner for my family
  5. Wash dishes.

I really should try to do some artwork before my failing vision makes it impossible…for some reason I"ve been reluctant to do that

For me, I might have to do my topic as what I did yesterday since I’m on the computer in the morning lately and don’t get back online really until the next morning.

Did the grocery shopping for the week.
Went on an outing with my sis and had lunch after my swim.
Saw our brother in rehab. (that was odd.)
Helped clean the flat
Got a new car jack since the lever on my old one slips.
Did the yard work at my apartment building… I get lower rent for sort of helping clean up the grounds.

Already took my meds,
Today, I’m going to swim in the morning and take my sisters water exercise class. Her normal pool is shut for the week so she’s been asked to sub at a pool near the Arboretum. (My favorite area of the city.)
The Japanese Gardens are there so we’ll go through those as well and most like play in the park for a good part of the day. (There is ALWAYS a frisbee in her car.)