Anybody doing good?

I’m recycling a question from 5 months ago. Anything positive going on in your life? Any accomplishments, victories, anything where you won? I need to hear someones doing good. I’m having a few problems so I need something to cheer me up.


I am going to go see a movie and it is Naruto day.

Naruto is an anime tv show that my partner and I enjoy and new episodes come out on Thursdays.


Unfortunately nick, I cant say Im doing well. Funny thing though I thought the fact that I wasn’t doing well would cheer you up! You know you feel better when you know youre not the worst off.

I started becoming frugal this week. Bought no name products instead of brand name. Went to Goodwill for my summer clothes. Even bought a pair of used shoes. :smiley:

That is the only part i’m doing good at.


No, actually hearing your doing bad does not cheer me up. No offense but it seems like an awful lot of us are going through bad times. I just needed some inspiration to keep me going, to show me that our lives aren’t all doom and gloom. Sorry to hear you’re doing bad Karl.

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Ouch! That does not sound pleasant at all.

I am finally getting SSI. I hope to be able to save enough to pay for school. I might be moving soon. I’ll be going to my old college again. It is a pretty big place and I know I’ll have to get used to it.

Today was a mixed day at the office. The good was the SSI. The bad was a problem at the daycare with the secretary. The baby should be okay, but it gave us a bad scare and some(dreams of) violent tendencies towards the daycare staff.

I at least know how much I’ll need to work, because I calculated it with the SSI person. I’ll be able to help pay bills more which is nice. I’ll come out of this with a solid budget plan I hope.

I might be able to get a new (used) car, if I can help pay a note. I’d have to first sell my car and the (my parent’s) Miata. I was just asked by a guy who saw my car and wanted to buy it. I’ll have to find his number and talk to my dad about getting a good amount.


im on a powerlifting team now and I made a 4.0 this past semester. my little episode yesterday just lasted 12 hours and then i got back to normal


I’m doing awesome!! I got an A in my class on economics, which I didn’t understand one bit. Although I must have learned something otherwise I wouldn’t have done so well. My GPA is 3.96 for which I am proud. I have an awesome boyfriend who treats me like gold. And the best is my anxiety has gone down considerably and I haven’t seen the demon in a month. I hope everything gets better for you guys. Cheers :beers: :sunny:


i saw a beautiful rainbow, it was amazing against the dark sky.
take care


I got a 4.0 this semester. This, despite having symptoms throughout the semester. I am very happy about it. Now I am starting to garden for the summer. I just bought some flower bulbs, and finished weeding one of the gardens–it took me several days. I sowed some squash and cucumber seeds a few days ago. I am going to plant some flowers and tomatoes tomorrow if it doesn’t rain during the day. I am looking forward to having beautiful and edible gardens this summer.


Hi nick, I intend to write u some little stories every time you recycle your question.

I’m very glad I’m on this site. It is a unique place and it provides me with the best kind of support and growth possible.

About two months ago, I wrote about my numbing hands and that I cant use it to type. @SurprisedJ (and another friend) asked me to do something with the physical condition. It looks like something prediabetes. It has been a ponder of myself, we as a group has a lot of physical symptoms in common, that are obviously related to our mental disorder in some way. It is a very biological disease.

So I began to search and read despite my very limited cognitive. I look at vitamin b12 as @radmedtech says it is helping him. And I find something really cool! I’m curing myself. My cognitive abilities are coming back quickly. I find what u told me is true, cognitive deficits are reversible. My quality of life is coming back.

In the simplest terms, we are dealing with a nutritional problems. It is also about hormone and enzyme. I would say, if u have a health issue related to nutritional deficency, no prescriptive drugs is going to lift your problems. It masks and trims the symptoms, at best.

So, I’m learning a lot and I think I solve both of the questions I have posted about.


I am finally detoxed from the new medicine that didn’t work out. I lost a couple more pounds on my diet. I have been using my word processor a lot more to write. Wife is gone for a couple weeks. Weather has been sunny and mild. Things are good.


Good to hear…

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Detoxing yourself of drugs sounds appealing to me.

May I ask how you do that?

I’m doing well, my daughter graduates from college this weekend! so exciting for me!


My moods have been pretty stable, cannot complain in that department :sunny:


i am doing good, i have been on holiday for a week now and no symptoms, i keep taking my med so i should be ok, sweep has hired a car and we have been going around, i’m hoping to go to the beach for some surfing sometime,

when i get home i will try and pass my driving test and start a counselling course in august


Oh I am just detoxing from one med… My other meds are okay. I just slept it off and drank a lot of water. The pharmacist suggested milk thistle but it wasn’t necessary this time.

When I first was hospitalized 20 years ago my liver enzymes went up and got a fever because of thorazine. They had me drinking gallons of water. It was odd… If I remember correctly they discharged me without any meds, but it was only my first episode and they chalked it up as a “Brief Psychotic Episode.” I wasn’t given a diagnosis of schizophrenia until about a year later when I started having more breakdowns.

I’ve often felt like I was a control subject when it came to meds early in my illness :frowning:

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Yes, I went out and bought like $170 worth of groceries yesterday and stocked up. All good stuff. I’d been pretty low on supplies. Felt much better about this.

Been spending time daily sharing about Quantum theories, God, the nature of the universe…even have been able to figure out some mysteries from my life years ago…so all that has a very positive effect.

And I have my garden ready and will probably plant later today. Working with the earth and the soil is good therapy.