I need to think positive to survive

so here it goes

in comparison to 10 years ago I feel much more above water and stronger as well.

my relationships have gotten better although with much needed improvement

I feel almost well sometimes, much more often than before.

I have held on to my job and it is full time

I am able to help myself and family and I do it.

what are your positives?

thanks, judy


One of the most positives for me happened a few weeks ago. I finally told everyone I know about my illness. And everyone was super supportive and loving. It was a great choice.

Another positive is that my best friend helped raise over $4,000 to help me pay my staggering medical bills. It was totally unexpected and amazing. I still get emotional thinking about it.

Third, I’ve been able to take care of my dog full time for over a month now, without any help. I’m so happy to have him here, and proud of myself that I am taking care of him.

Last, my symptoms have been much more controlled recently. No crippling paranoia, no frightening voices, no social anxiety. I’m getting out and walking, socializing, and enjoying my freedom.

I feel like I have MUCH more to be thankful for! But those are just a few.




I count my blessings everyday, I function at a decent level. I have a roof over my head - I try to keep a positive attitude when my mood allows me to. Being positive beats negativity any day.

I’ve spent too much time in life being negative and pessimistic. As soon as I was able to get stable, I was able to appreciate what I have instead of what I don’t.
I don’t want to go back in to that negative mindset. I’ve been starting to tell people that I want to be known for positive actions not positive symptoms.
I am so happy for you guys as well. It takes some work to get here, as you all well know. But being able to get out, take care of ourselves, and just get back into life again feels amazing.
I hope we all get to enjoy this a little longer. Happy holidays to all

I’ve recently entered remission! I started dating a girl, she seems to be interested in me, and I am almost done with school. Just a presentation about Sparta tomorrow and I’m free for almost a month. I have been very fortunate to have found a medication regiment that works. I’m not delusional or psychotic and I am generally at peace, not angry like I used to be. I found myself constantly full of anxious energy and I would exercise excessively before my meds got me stable. Now I feel like a normal person, its incredible, I thought I would never quit hallucinating and having intense delusions and now I feel like I can rebuild my life.


Happy to hear you are doing well. You give me hope.

I’m alive and kicking, trying hard to beat my relapse…trying to be positive after the horrible year that I had…hoping for the best

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Good for you Judy. I know you struggle a lot. It’s good to hear you’re getting a break.

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I am happy for you. Just keep it up. Forward ever, Backward never.

thanks for the well wishes.

I was just away for the weekend and it is good to get back.

I got a compliment at work today from a co-worker. loved it!!!